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Avon Pension Fund Committee


Reserve members

  • Councillor Martin Fodor   

Purpose of committee

The role of the Avon Pension Fund Committee is to discharge the responsibilities of the Council in its role as lead Authority for the administration of the Avon Pension Fund.  It has established a Sub-Committee (Investment Panel) to assist it in this role.


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[NB: the general public speaking scheme rules apply except with regard to eligibility to speak.  General rules cover any resident of Bath & North East Somerset of any age and include homeless people, travellers currently within the Council area or members of staff provided the subject matter relates to their role as private citizens.  For the Avon Pension Fund, this right also applies to the area over which the Committee has jurisdiction. 

Contact information

Support officer: Mark Durnford. 01225 394458

Postal address:
Democratic Services
Lewis House
Manvers Street

Phone: 01225 394458