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Purpose of committee

The Cabinet is the lead decision-making body for dealing with the Council’s executive functions.  Their decisions may be made collectively or individually by Cabinet Members.  Its decisions, and the way it makes them, are open to scrutiny from the internal overview and scrutiny bodies and from individual councillors and members of the public (for example through the questioning process).


The Cabinet comprises the Leader and 9 Cabinet Members who each have a portfolio of responsibilities.  Executive decisions are those that are concerned with implementing major policies agreed by the Council and setting new service policies.


The Cabinet conducts its collective business at formal and open public meetings. Its meetings are generally held in the Guildhall, Bath unless otherwise advertised.


Key decisions

There is a legal requirement for the Council to publish in advance any decisions it is planning over a 4 month period that are categorised as “key” decisions. These are described in the Council’s Constitution as those decisions that have some significance in terms of financial or community impact.  The Executive Forward Plan is the mechanism for publishing these.


The Executive Forward Plan

Democratic Services (on the Leader’s behalf) publishes online a Forward Plan of all Cabinet business, including both key and non-key items.


"Single member" decisions

These are the decisions made by Cabinet Members individually.  Details of these items are published in the Executive Forward Plan and are managed via the Weekly list process.


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