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The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting, in particular Councillor Liz Richardson as she had now become a permanent member of the Panel. He also wished to thank Councillor Fiona Darey for the work she had carried out in her time on the Panel.



The Chairman will draw attention to the emergency evacuation procedure as set out under Note 6.



The Chairman drew attention to the emergency evacuation procedure.





Councillor David Veale had sent his apologies to the Panel, Councillor Anthony Clarke was present for the duration of the meeting as his substitute.



At this point in the meeting declarations of interest are received from Members in any of the agenda items under consideration at the meeting. Members are asked to indicate:

(a) The agenda item number in which they have an interest to declare.

(b) The nature of their interest.

(c) Whether their interest is a disclosable pecuniary interest or an other interest,  (as defined in Part 2, A and B of the Code of Conduct and Rules for Registration of Interests)

Any Member who needs to clarify any matters relating to the declaration of interests is recommended to seek advice from the Council’s Monitoring Officer or a member of his staff before the meeting to expedite dealing with the item during the meeting.


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MINUTES - 5th September 2017 pdf icon PDF 110 KB


The Panel confirmed the minutes of the previous meeting as a true record and they were duly signed by the Chairman.


Cabinet Member Update

The Cabinet Member(s) will update the Panel on any relevant issues. Panel members may ask questions on the update(s) provided.



Councillor Paul Myers, Cabinet Member for Economic and Community Regeneration addressed the Panel, a summary of his update is set out below.


Bath Quays North – Masterplan Consultation


He explained that drop-in information sessions have been organised between 8th – 11th November. At each session there will be an architectural model and display boards outlining the plans and members of the public will be able to put forward their views and comments. He said that outline planning consent for the site would soon be sought, possibly in December.


Bath Quays Bridge


He stated that the bridge will connect the proposed development sites of Bath Quays North and South and enhance the improved connectivity between the riverside and Bath city centre. He said that following planning permission being granted in March 2017 work is expected to begin in 2018 with the bridge completed by 2019.


Bath Western Riverside


A funding bid for Phase 2 has been submitted to the Homes & Communities Agency for £12m.


Bath & Somer Valley Enterprise Zone


The Council has welcomed the West of England Combined Authority’s (WECA) proposals to kick start a major transport improvement scheme. £280k has been allocated to develop a business case for improving the route from the Old Mills employment site on the A362 to the A37, which would include removing traffic pinch-points along the road as well as pedestrian and cycling improvements.


Heritage Services


The ‘Here Be Dragons’ exhibition at the Victoria Art Gallery held from 22nd July - 8th October 2017 attracted over 35,000 visitors.


55,200 visits to The Roman Baths took place after 5.00pm during the summer period.




540 affordable homes are forecast to be delivered by April 2018, this is above the 3 year target figure of 465.


Rough Sleepers - Reconnection Policy


He said that the Rough Sleeper count for 2017 was due to take place soon. He explained to the Panel that the Reconnection Policy aims to reduce rough sleeping as part of a national strategy. The policy aims to makes sure people are helped off the streets quickly, that nobody lives on the streets and that once helped they do not return to the streets. He added that rapid identification and reconnection of rough sleepers with their local community to access housing and support services is an important harm reduction measure, ending homelessness before a person’s situation deteriorates further.


Tenancy Strategy Update


All registered providers of social housing with housing stock in the Bath and North East Somerset area have been asked to comment on the proposed minor modifications to the strategic priorities of the Tenancy Strategy. The consultation is open until 24th November 2017.


Councillor Colin Blackburn asked if any update could be given regarding the Newark Works, Bath Quays South and the developers TCN.


Councillor Paul Myers said that he would seek a response and reply to Councillor Blackburn as soon as possible.


Councillor Lisa O’Brien asked if a strategy was in place to try to reduce the numbers of rough  ...  view the full minutes text for item 31.


B&NES Local Plan Options Consultation pdf icon PDF 99 KB

This report seeks the comments of the Panel on a Local Plan options document for public consultation.

Additional documents:


The Group Manager for Policy & Environment introduced this report to the Panel. He explained that in order to facilitate delivery of the West of England Joint Spatial Plan, and to ensure an up-to-date planning policy framework for B&NES, the Council needs to prepare a new Local Plan.


He stated that the Local Plan is therefore being prepared:

·  in the context of and to deliver the Joint Spatial Plan; and

·  to respond to changed local circumstances and new national policy and legislation.

·  to encompass a development strategy to guide  site allocations to meet development requirements, identify and facilitate delivery of associated infrastructure requirements; and

·  to include district-wide Development Management policies for determining planning applications.


He said that the options document marks the start of the consultation and that the purpose of the options stage is to facilitate and encourage discussion and comment around the key issues facing B&NES and to test possible solutions to address these issues. He added that the consultation is being divided into phases, the first phase (comprising two periods of consultation) will be a discussion around options and the second phase will be consultation on the preferred approach. He stated that the options document covers four main areas:


·  Vision & Priorities – outlining the key challenges facing B&NES and spatial priorities that the Local Plan should address


  • Strategy – within the context of the Joint Spatial Plan starting the conversation about possible alternative approaches to providing additional homes  to be  provided in strategic development locations


·  Strategic Development Locations – presenting the emerging proposed approach to development at the strategic locations at North Keynsham and Whitchurch and raising key questions & issues for discussion


·  Student accommodation – as a key element of housing need initial consideration of University expansion and possible approaches to providing student accommodation that will need to be considered within the context of the other development pressures and the strategy for Bath


He informed the Panel that consultation on these issues will take place over a seven week period in parallel with that on the Joint Spatial Plan, commencing on 22nd November 2017 and ending on 10th January 2018. He said that the consultation will be supported by publication of the options document, a range of publicity and staffed exhibitions/drop-in events at key locations.


He said that a second options consultation will be undertaken in the spring of next year. This will be supported by the publication of an options document which will be brought to Members for consideration prior to consultation.

The Chairman said that comments from the Panel would be fed into the Council debate on November 9th and he asked that they consider not only the options document but the proposed consultation arrangements.


Councillor Liz Richardson questioned the ratio of exhibition dates, three in North East Somerset and one in Bath, and suggested that one further date be added for Bath.


The Group Manager for Policy & Environment replied that they have attempted to arrange a cross section of events and  ...  view the full minutes text for item 32.


Somer Valley Enterprise Zone pdf icon PDF 75 KB

This report updates the Panel on the latest position with regard to the Somer Valley element of the Enterprise Zone, based on the allocated employment site at Old Mills, which was included in the Bath & Somer Valley Enterprise Zone formally designated by the government on the 1st April 2017.

Additional documents:


The Business Support & Development Manager and the Regeneration Team Manager gave a presentation to the Panel to introduce the item. A copy of the presentation can be found on their Minute Book and as an online appendix to these minutes, a summary of the presentation is set out below.


Economic Policy Context


By 2030 we want to increase the value of the local economy by £3bn  and create 11,500  net additional local jobs.


The recovery in the Somer Valley is largely as a result of the availability and development of employment land at West?eld Industrial Estate and the Bath Business Park at Peasedown St John. Both these employment sites are now almost fully built out and……there is an urgent need to bring forward new strategic employment locations in the market towns to enable future local economic growth.


Core Strategy


The southern part of the District will become more self-reliant, facilitated by economic-led revitalisation…………building on its industrial expertise and improving skill levels. Transport connections to other centres, as well as connections between settlements within the Somer Valley area will continue to be improved.


Place Making Plan


The Somer Valley element of the Bristol, Bath & Somer Valley Enterprise Zone (EZ) will prioritize the establishment of a new strategic employment location for the area and……will promote the delivery of new business investment and employment growth and address the Core Strategy Vision & Spatial Strategy for the area.


Somer Valley Challenges


·  Reliance on manufacturing – 20% of total employment (B&NES 5%)

·  Poor broadband connectivity


Somer Valley Priorities


·  2,000 new jobs

·  Identify new strategic employment location

·  Address ownership / infrastructure / viability constraints


Somer Valley Enterprise Zone


·  Potential new strategic development location

·  Direct jobs 1,700

·  Annual GVA uplift £122m


Somer Valley Enterprise Zone – Site Constraints


·  Fragmented ownership – Previously a barrier to development

·  The need for off-site infrastructure works – A362 to A37

·  Access and infrastructure  to  site – Localised road improvements, on-site roads & utilities

·  Viability and developer appetite – Need for a phased approach


Land Ownership Plan


ST190038 – This part of the site could become Phase 1 and a possible pre-application could be submitted early next year.


Transport Improvement Study


This study aims to investigate options to improve transport links along the A362 between the EZ and A37 at Farrington Gurney and the cycle and pedestrian links to Midsomer Norton.


The project identifies the following highway improvements & upgrades:

·  Pinch points associated with residential parking & lack of footways

·  Improvements at the A37/A362 signalised junction

·  Pedestrian and cycle linkages

·  Potential realignment of the A362 to facilitate access into the Enterprise Zone.


Enterprise Zone Deliverables








BY 2020

Old Mills






Enterprise Zone Interventions


·  Potential “Gainshare” Early Intervention – A362 strategic corridor improvement & upgrading : £2.8m bid

·  Local Growth Fund (LGF) “pipeline” – Site access & road realignment : circa £800K

·  Potential Council interventions :

o  On site road improvements & access roads

o  On and off-site  ...  view the full minutes text for item 33.


Panel Workplan pdf icon PDF 110 KB

This report presents the latest workplan for the Panel. Any suggestions for further items or amendments to the current programme will be logged and scheduled in consultation with the Panel’s Chair and supporting officers.



The Chairman introduced this item to the Panel, he explained that at their January meeting they would be debating their relevant Directorate Plan prior to the budget being set in February.


He added that he would seek a briefing note for the Panel regarding a number of Broadband initiatives so that they could become familiar with them prior to any future report being submitted.


Councillor Liz Richardson commented that she would like the Panel to be involved in the consultation process on the Draft Master Plan for Bristol Airport and suggested that a representative be invited to a public meeting of the Panel.


The Chairman asked the Panel if they were aware of the Waters of Bath project. He explained that a local group were considering the potential to apply to install around 20 fountains across the City.


Following a brief discussion the Panel decided that this idea would be more appropriately discussed by the Bath City Forum. Councillor Colin Blackburn, as Chair of the Forum said that he would speak further with Councillor Sandry for further information on the project.


The Panel RESOLVED to approve the other matters raised.