Meeting attendance

Friday, 15th October, 2021 10.00 am, Children, Adults, Health and Wellbeing Policy Development and Scrutiny Panel

Venue:   Council Chamber - Guildhall, Bath

Contact:    Mark Durnford
Email: 01225 394458

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Councillor Vic Pritchard Chair Present
Councillor Michelle O'Doherty Vice-Chair Present
Councillor Ruth Malloy Committee Member Apologies
Councillor Mark Roper Committee Member Present
Councillor Andy Wait Committee Member Present
Councillor Paul May Committee Member Present
Councillor Liz Hardman Committee Member Present
Councillor Gerry Curran Committee Member Apologies
Councillor Rob Appleyard Committee Member Present
Gill Stobart Co-opted Member, voting Present
Chris Batten Co-opted Member, non-voting Present
Kevin Burnett Co-opted Member, non-voting Present
Suzanne Westhead Officer In attendance
Simon Cook Public In attendance
Corinne Edwards Public In attendance
Mary Kearney-Knowles Officer In attendance
Claire Thorogood Officer In attendance