Forward plan

Weekly List 1st May 2020  (01/05/2020 to 07/05/2020, Cabinet Single-Member Decisions (Weekly List))

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These papers were published in a previous Weekly List.  The 5-working-day public consultation period is in progress.  The decision, once taken, will be published in a subsequent Weekly List and will be subject to the usual Call-in procedures.


Naming of new street in Chew Stoke

Decision maker:  Cabinet Member for Community Services

Decision:   Not before 21st Mar 2020

Lead officer:  Martin Laker

Decision status:  Approved

Notice of proposed decision first published: 28/02/2020

Anticipated restriction: Open  -

EFP Reference: E3203


Electric Vehicle Charging Network Inter Authority Agreement

Decision maker:  Cabinet Member for Transport Services

Decision due:   Not before 15th Aug 2020

Lead officer:  Jessica Fox-Taylor

Decision status:  Approved (subject to call-in)

Notice of proposed decision first published: 25/02/2020

Anticipated restriction: Open  -

EFP Reference: E3202


These are decisions which, because of special circumstances needed to be taken urgently without the normal publication and call-in rules applying.  The decisions are not subject to normal Call-in rules and will be implemented immediately.

Provision is made for such circumstances in the Council's Constitution:

·  Rule  4 (part 4C) decisions were taken under the ‘Urgent Decisions outside the policy and budget framework’ provision

·  Rule 15 decisions were taken under the 'General Exception' provision

·  Rule 16 decisions were taken under the 'Special Urgency' provision


RULE 4 - Covid-19 Council Tax Hardship relief

Decision maker:  Cabinet Member for Resources

Decision:   27 Apr 2020

Lead officer:  Damien Peak

Decision status:  Approved

Notice of proposed decision first published: 27/04/2020

This decision will be taken under urgency procedures.

Reason for urgency:
This decision is to be made under part 4C-Rule 4 of the council’s constitution as an urgent decision. This matter is urgent because residents of Bath and North East Somerset have a current and ongoing liability to pay council tax and many are suffering from financial hardship caused by the economic impacts of the stay at home measures introduced to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The introduction of this relief will immediately reduce the financial burden of paying council tax for several thousand residents of working age in receipt of council tax support during 2020/21. In many cases it will reduce the amount to pay to nil. It is undesirable to prolong the hardship faced by residents and the council must therefore expedite the decision to enable reductions in council tax liability to take effect as soon as possible.

EFP Reference: E3206