Election results for Bathavon North

Bath & North East Somerset (All Wards) - Thursday, 4th May, 2023 - Thursday, 4th May, 2023

Bathavon North - results
Election Candidate Party Votes Outcome
Elizabeth Sarah Warren Liberal Democrats 1460 Elected
Kevin Ronald Guy Liberal Democrats 1350 Elected
Peter Graham Sandell Davis Conservative Party 681 Not elected
Martin John Beresford Veal Conservative Party 671 Not elected
Eleanor Field Green Party 296 Not elected
Leila Froud Green Party 269 Not elected
Vicky Linda Drew Labour Party 245 Not elected
Dick Smith Labour Party 204 Not elected
Voting Summary
Details Number
Seats 2
Total votes 5176
Electorate 5490
Number of ballot papers issued 1772
Number of ballot papers rejected 15
Number of postal votes sent 1165
Number of postal votes returned 894
Rejected ballot papers
Voting for more than one registered party or individual candidate2
Want of Official Mark13
Total rejected15
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