Election results for Westmoreland

Local Election - Thursday, 5th May, 2011

Westmoreland - results
Election Candidate Party Votes Outcome
June Player Independents 565 Elected
Sharon Grace Ball Liberal Democrats 549 Elected
Matt Hemsley Liberal Democrats 512 Not elected
Jon Lucas Green Party 349 Not elected
Nigel David Williams Green Party 312 Not elected
David Halpin Labour Party 286 Not elected
Hadleigh Roberts Labour Party 231 Not elected
Mike Ringham Conservative Party 208 Not elected
Lance Payton Conservative Party 200 Not elected
Voting Summary
Details Number
Seats 2
Total votes 3212
Electorate 5024
Number of ballot papers issued 1898
Number of ballot papers rejected 8
Rejected ballot papers
(a) Want of Official Mark8
Total rejected8