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Decisions published

25/05/2023 - Constitution - minor changes from AGM 25 May 2023 ref: 1903    Approved

This is to record that Michael Hewitt, as Monitoring Officer, has agreed the following minor amendments to the Constitution arising from announcements at or following the Council's AGM on 25th May 2023.

Decision Maker: Chief Executive

Decision published: 31/05/2023

Effective from: 25/05/2023


The date of the last election has been updated in Section 1.4 to read 2023.

The Cabinet portfolio titles are listed in Section 2.2.3 and these have been updated for the newly appointed Cabinet.

Lead officer: Michael Hewitt

17/05/2023 - Delegation of power to affix the Council seal & sign ref: 1902    Approved

Update to current authorised list of delegated officers to remove Chloe Archer and add Annemarie Strong as officers authorised to exercise the Monitoring Officers delegated power to sign and seal documentation on the Council's behalf

Decision Maker: Director Legal & Democratic

Decision published: 18/05/2023

Effective from: 17/05/2023


Add Annemarie Strong and remove Chloe Archer to the authorised officer list.

Lead officer: Michael Hewitt