Issue - decisions

Valley Floor to Claverton Down Cycle Route

11/11/2022 - Valley Floor to Claverton Down Cycle Route

(1)  To note the highly valuable and informative work undertaken by the Citizens’ Panel, and to thank all participants for their involvement in this pioneering study.


(2)  To adopt the four principles to guide decision making on any new active travel schemes being developed in B&NES.


(3)  To note the views of the Citizens’ Panel in relation to the Claverton Down to Valley Floor Cycle Route.


(4)  To confirm the preferred course of action for this route from the options presented:


·  Note the recent commencement of the e-scooter expansion to include this intervention.


·  Revisit all options for traffic reduction on the route from valley floor to Claverton Down, and using the co-design techniques learned through the Liveable Neighbourhoods work and the principles outlined, work with stakeholders to identify a comprehensive strategy to reduce car use and enable safer active travel options.


·  Recommence the Transport Improvement Programme in the Claverton Down area, previously paused to avoid abortive works.


·  Progress with a programme of investment to improve walking and cycling links, following the approach advocated by the Citizens’ Panel.