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Bath Clean Air Plan- update December 2021

16/12/2021 - Bath Clean Air Plan- update December 2021

RESOLVED (unanimously) that the Cabinet agreed to:


1.  Note the performance report and the ongoing progress which has been made towards improving air quality and associated public health outcomes, together with the ongoing increasing proportion of compliant vehicles entering the CAZ and achieving success with the Ministerial Direction.

2.  Note the continued performance of the scheme against the scheme’s financial model, ensuring it covers its costs of operation and avoids placing an additional burden on the Council and local taxpayers.

3.  Note that after assessing over 2,500 applicants who applied to the financial assistance scheme and finding 1,495 vehicles eligible for replacement or retrofit treatment, the current round of funding for the financial assistance scheme will be concluding. However, a waiting list is being held, should further funding become available.

4.  Note the success achieved at key hotspot monitoring locations in reducing nitrogen dioxide levels e.g. Gay Street, acknowledge the risk that more intervention may be required at some locations, e.g. Wells Road and note the work that Officers have already been doing in anticipation of this outcome.

5.  Request an options appraisal for making further improvements to air quality in the city, as part of our next published report about the Clean Air Zone.