Issue - decisions

Council House Building Programme

11/11/2021 - Council House Building Programme

RESOLVED (unanimously) that the Cabinet agreed:


1.1  The eight sites identified in Appendix 1 are progressed as 100% affordable housing sites, including 117 Newbridge Hill, and in accordance with the delivery route detailed in the report;

1.2  Fully approve £413K from Provisional Affordable Housing Budget in 2021/22 to immediately progress scheme development work on five sites with funding coming from earmarked Right to Buy Receipts

1.3  The balance of funding of £11.73m identified in Appendix 2, will be incorporated into 2022/23 budget setting with approval subject to a full business case and confirmation of grant awards.

1.4  Individual scheme business cases will be authorised through the existing capital processes and in consultation with the relevant Cabinet Member.