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Charitable Trust Board


Purpose of committee

The purpose of the Charitable Trust Board is to facilitate the management of the charitable Trust for which the Council is the sole trustee; independently, in

accordance with their governing documents and in the best interests of the charity.

In respect of the charities listed in Schedule 1 the Charitable Trust Board shall have the following powers delegated to it.


The Role of the Board is to exercise the powers delegated to it for the management of the trust, namely;


·  to manage the charity in pursuit of the charitable purposes,

·  to manage the finances of the charity and ensure its solvency,

·  to ensure the charity acts within the governing documents,

·  to ensure the charity deals with their regulatory and public accountability obligations, and

·  to identify and manage potential conflicts of interest.


In respect of the charities listed in Schedule 2 the Charitable Trust Board shall

investigate the governing documents of each charity and recommend to Council the inclusion of any Charity suitable for incorporation into Schedule 1 and until such time as the Council decides to delegate its functions in respect of such Trust to the Charitable Trust Board it shall advise the Council as trustee on;


·  the strategic direction of those Trusts,

·  the financial resources needed to operate those Trusts;


The Charitable Trust Board shall, in respect of all Trusts, ensure compliance with the Charity Commissions registration and reporting requirements and periodically consider if Trust’s assets could be consolidated and more efficiently /effectively used in conjunction with another Trust. Where appropriate it should consult on consolidation proposals with the Charity Commission and interested parties and make any recommendations for consolidation in its annual report to Council.


The Board will comprise:

·  Five councillors


(to include the Cabinet member responsible for Community Services and the

remainder to be determined in accordance with section 15 of the Local

Government and Housing Act 1989 regarding Political Proportionality on

committees. (At the date of formation that is presently 3 Conservative, 1 Lib

Dem with the remaining councillor to be appointed by agreement between the

four non-majority groups), and


·  One independent person with suitable skills, experience or interests to be appointed by the Board from applicants who wish to be considered following advertisement of the role.


The Board will elect a Chair and Vice-Chair. Decisions will be by a majority of the councillors present. Quorum will be three councillors.

The Board shall have the power to create a sub-committee for each charity listed in Schedule 1 to ensure that each charity shall be separately administered. Each subcommittee shall consist of at least 3 councillors and co-opted non-voting members consisting of the ward councillor(s) for the area where any land subject to the Trust is situated and any other non- voting members who may be able to assist it in its work.


The Trust Board and each sub-committee shall undertake its duties through

meetings as required and will meet at least twice annually. In any meeting, the affairs of each Trust will be considered separately and in relation to the purpose and governing document of each Trust. Each sub-committee will report annually to the Trust Board after submitting any annual report to the Charity Commissioners and the Trust Board shall thereafter provide an annual report to Council on the financial standing of each Trust and update the Council on the work undertaken by each Trust in the preceding year

Support for the Board and sub-committees as necessary will be provided through the relevant Council sections. Lead advisors will be identified for each charitable Trust in Schedule 1.


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