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Scrutiny Inquiry Day

Purpose of committee


What is a Scrutiny Inquiry Day? 

This is a mechanism for a short single topic scrutiny, for use where a panel meeting may not be effective or appropriate, or to review progress in an area which has already been the subject of scrutiny work.

The aim is to develop a greater understanding of an issue that involves many organisations (in addition to the Council) and then develop ways forward/recommendations in an inclusive manner, in a workshop-style setting.

In an inquiry like this, it is on-the-day assessment of findings, and development of conclusions and recommendations (in conjunction with other interested parties) that differs from a traditional “contributor session” in more complex reviews. 


How will the Scrutiny Inquiry Day achieve an impact?

Recommendations from the day will be submitted to the relevant Cabinet Member. It equally possible that some of the recommendations will not require a Cabinet response and these will be submitted to the appropriate partnership bodies.

Since scrutiny methodology often involves bringing together practitioners and strategic-level staff from different sectors and Council departments to act as expert witnesses, scrutiny activities may have a lasting beneficial effect beyond their immediate aims, in terms of facilitating communication and co-operation.

Contact information

Support officer: Ceri Williams.

Phone: 01225 396053