Committee details

Chew Valley Area Forum


  • Heather Clewett  (Vice-Chair) 
  • Bath College   
  • Chew Valley Chamber of Commerce   
  • Chew Valley Community CIC   
  • Chew Stoke Parish Council   
  • Compton Martin Parish Council   
  • East Harptree Parish Council   
  • Hinton Blewett Parish Council   
  • Nempnett Thrubwell Parish Council   
  • Publow and Pensford Parish Council   
  • Stanton Drew Parish Council   
  • Stowey Sutton Parish Council   
  • Ubley Parish Council   
  • West Harptree Parish Council   
  • Clutton Parish Council   
  • Norton Malreward Parish Council   
  • Cameley Parish Council   
  • Chelwood Parish Council   
  • Chew Magna Parish Council   
  • Chew Valley Community Farm   
  • Chew Valley Gazette   
  • Chris Head  (Chair) 
  • St Andrews Church, Chew Magna   
  • Councillor Paul May   
  • West of England Rural Network   
  • Chew Valley Medical Practice   
  • Community First Responders   
  • Chew Valley Secondary School   
  • Green Action North East Somerset   
  • Baptist Church of Chew Magna and Bishop Sutton   
  • Councillor David Wood   

Purpose of committee

The Chew Valley Area Forum is a group that forms part of the wider Connecting Communities programme.  The Forum comprises the parished areas of: Chew Magna; Chew Stoke; Clutton; Compton Martin; East Harptree; Hinton Blewett; Nempnett Thrubwell; Norton Malreward; Publow and Pensford; Stanton Drew; Stowey Sutton; Temple Cloud and Cameley; Ubley; West Harptree and Whitchurch.  The corresponding members are Winford and Dundry.  Meetings are open to the public and you do not need to give notice to attend.  If you are part of a group that would like to become a member of the Forum, this can be requested for consideration at its AGM.

Contact information

Support officer: Alison Wells (01225) 396539. Email: