Committee details

Health and Wellbeing Board


  • Councillor Paul May  (Chair) 
  • Paul Harris  (Vice-Chair) 
  • Laura Ambler   
  • Catherine Bailey   
  • Councillor Alison Born   
  • Sophie Broadfield   
  • Saranna Burgess   
  • Cara Charles Barks   
  • Scott Hill   
  • Sara Gallagher   
  • Will Godfrey   
  • Julia Griffith   
  • Nicola Hazle   
  • Mary Kearney-Knowles   
  • Amritpal Kaur   
  • Kate Morton   
  • Rachel Pearce   
  • Sue Poole   
  • Stephen Quinton   
  • Rebecca Reynolds   
  • Val Scrase   
  • Martin Sim   
  • Richard Smale   
  • Suzanne Westhead   
  • Councillor Robin Moss  (Observer, non-voting) 

Reserve members

  • Jocelyn Foster   

Purpose of committee

The Bath and North East Somerset Health and Wellbeing Board is a statutory forum where political, professional, clinical, and community leaders from across the local authority, care, health, Third Sector, higher and further education and the wider system come together to set direction to improve the health and wellbeing of their local population and reduce health inequalities. The Board is a key mechanism for driving joined up working at a local level.


Links to further information;


Health and Wellbeing Strategy


The Terms of Reference can be found in the Council’s Constitution: Constitution


Public Speaking scheme

Contact information

Support officer: Corrina Haskins. 01225 394357

Postal address:
Democratic Services
Lewis House
Manvers Street

Phone: 01225 394357