Committee details

Health and Wellbeing Board


  • Dr Bryn Bird  (Co-Chair) 
  • Councillor Dine Romero  (Co-Chair) 
  • Councillor Alison Born   
  • Cara Charles Barks   
  • Jayne Davis   
  • Corinne Edwards   
  • Sara Gallagher   
  • Andrew Girdher   
  • Will Godfrey   
  • Paul Harris   
  • Nicola Hazle   
  • Amritpal Kaur   
  • Mary Kearney-Knowles   
  • Ronnie Lungu   
  • Kate Morton   
  • Anthony Payne   
  • Rachel Pearce   
  • Rebecca Reynolds   
  • Nikki Rice   
  • Val Scrase   
  • Dr Andrew Smith   
  • Richard Smale   
  • Suzanne Westhead   
  • Councillor Robin Moss  (Observer, non-voting) 

Reserve members

  • Jocelyn Foster   
  • Joanna Scammell   

Purpose of committee

The purpose of this Board is to oversee, monitor and make recommendations in respect of the development of strategy and performance management of adult health and social care, children’s health and social care and public health in the Bath & North East Somerset Council area (including services for those living outside the area where the services are provided by any one of the Partners), on behalf of NHS Bath & North East Somerset and Bath & North East Somerset Council.


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