Committee details

Board of Trustees of the Recreation Ground, Bath


  • Simon Allen   
  • Councillor Tim Ball   
  • Councillor Brian Webber  (Observer, non-voting) 
  • David Durdan   
  • Don Earley   

Purpose of committee

Bath Recreation Ground website:


The Charity Commission published a Scheme for the Recreation Ground on 12 June 2013.  The Scheme is a legal order which gives the Recreation Ground Trust powers to proceed with its proposals to resolve the issues arising from the occupation of part of the Recreation Ground by Bath Rugby.  The Scheme also makes provision for the future of the Leisure Centre.  


A new trustee body has been established which will be responsible for taking forward the plans for the Recreation Ground.  


Details of the Scheme and of the proposals for the Recreation Ground can be found in the section; ‘Future of the Rec’.  


Further information is also available on the Charity Commission website.


Agendas, papers and minutes of the Meetings of Trustees after 12 June 2013 are published on the Bath Recreation Ground website and can be accessed from:


Contact information

Support officer: David Taylor. 01225 394414

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