Agenda item

Draft Annual Report - Climate Emergency


Councillor Sarah Warren, Cabinet Member for Climate and Sustainable Travel, and Jane Wildblood, Corporate and Community Sustainability Manager (along with officers Nick Plumley and Christopher May), introduced the report and gave presentations which covered the following:


·  2021 Context

·  The Panel is asked to note and review

·  Climate Emergency Highlight Report

·  Carbon Emissions Progress Update

·  Achievements and delivery

·  Case Studies

·  Community Engagement

·  Climate and Biodiversity Festival

·  Action Plan 2022

·  Draft Route Map



·  Council House Building Programme – Approach to Energy Efficiency/Carbon reduction

·  AECB Standard – New build and Retrofit

·  Outcomes so Far – examples

·  Key messages


·  Keynsham Recycling Hub – Pixash Lane



Panel members asked the following questions and made the following points:


Councillor Shelly Bromley stated that she found the route map helpful. She asked if incentives for retro fitting private homes came from Government or the Council. Councillor Sarah Warren, Cabinet Member for Climate and Sustainable Travel, explained that there is a section on the website called ‘Energy at Home’ with details of grants. It is hard for the authority to do this on its own, we are working with WECA and lobbying. Jane Wildblood added that this is being looked at currently, WECA have an idea to set up a hub for the whole of the West of England. We also need to look at how to tackle the supply chain. Councillor Hirst asked that in future updates, progress with retro fitting is highlighted.


Councillor Lisa O Brien asked the following questions (Officers or Cabinet Members responses are shown in italics):


·  There are a lot of new initiatives regarding Climate Emergency. In point 10 on area wide emissions, information from 2005 and 2009 is used so the information on reduction covers a long period. Councillor Sarah Warren, Cabinet Member for Climate and Sustainable Travel, explained that there were problems with the newer data and we can get a better view over a longer period. Regarding reduction over the last 2 years – developments such as Keynsham Civic Centre had already been built so better to look over a longer period.

·  Grosvenor Place – it is great that the Grade 1 challenges have been tacked but this must have come at a high cost. The officer explained that with a complete refit, the cost was not as high as a retro fit.

·  Pixash Lane – the plan shows vehicles in parking lots, at the moment it is circular which is easier for residents so that they don’t have to carry so much – will the changes make it less easy? Also, the access roads for HGVs will need to be considered to prevent clogging. The officer explained that there would be a one-way rotary system, the idea is to keep the flow moving. The parking on the road is not ideal in terms of clogging, also HGV driving in and out has been transport modelled. Vehicle flow will be outside peak hours and will be controlled and monitored accordingly.


Councillor Grant Johnson commented that there was a lot to scrutinize and there needs to be more ambition in the substance and actions. He stated that plans for a Citizens Jury were being used to deflect from the administrations difficult and unpopular projects. He asked the following questions (Officers or Cabinet Members responses are shown in italics):


·  There is celebration on the reduction of waste send to landfill but that is because more is being incinerated. Recycling is lower than previous years. Councillor Dave Wood, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhood Services, explained that in the hierarchy, landfill was worst option and ‘Energy from Waste’ is next. He stated that percentage rates for recycling are the highest they have ever been, that is why less waste is going to landfill.

·  In response to a question about tree planting, Councillor Dave Wood explained that the figures presented are direct BANES planting but a lot of planting will be in partnership with others.

·  In response to the comments made above, Councillor Sarah Warren, Cabinet Member for Climate and Sustainable Travel, stated that Citizens Juries gather public opinion and are appropriate to use.


Councillor Andy Wait asked about Keynsham Memorial Park in relation to recycling points in the area. The officer explained that this is usual practice, points are awarded for a wider land area. Further details can be explained outside of the meeting.


Councillor Joel Hirst asked if there is a target around renewable energy production in BANES. Councillor Sarah Warren explained that there are some particular challenges in being a World Heritage Area and Cotswald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. She explained that Covid had delayed the work of the team, but they are now recruiting. Councillor Hirst asked that the strategic thinking around this be brought back to the Panel.


Councillor Malloy stated that some impressive work had been done. She stated that it would be good to include sustainable farming if possible and to encourage schools and Council buildings to use more plant-based food. The officer explained that there was a partnership around improving local food for consumption coupled with tackling food poverty but these teams have been busy during Covid – we will have capacity for this again further down the line.


Councillor Grant Johnson explained that in terms of agriculture in the area, there are a lot of ways the private sector is trying to change animals’ diets to reduce methane. We could report methane levels on a joint of beef.


Councillor Joel Hirst thanked the officers for their work and noted that there would be an annual update.

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