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Shaping a Healthier Future Programme

The Panel will receive a presentation from Simon Cook (Shaping a Healthier Future Programme Director) and Geoff Underwood (Programme Director, SCW CSU).


Richard Smale, BSW CCG Director of Strategy and Transformation addressed the Panel, a summary of the presentation is set out below.


BSW Health and Care Model


·  Community Focus & Wellbeing

·  Workshops have been held with comparative work being carried out in Swindon & Wiltshire

·  Start the public conversation and listen to the local population - Work together to empower people to lead their best life



Five parts of the model


·  Personalised care

·  Healthier communities

·  Joined-up local teams

·  Local specialist services

·  Specialist centres


Simon Cook, Shaping a Healthier Future Programme Director addressed the Panel, a summary of the presentation is set out below.




·  Launch on 2nd November 2021 – Engagement across November & December


·  Aim:

o  To raise awareness of the BSW model and what it means for local communities

o  Two way dialogue with stakeholders about key principles of model in order to understand the barriers to access and the impact of these - especially for those affected by health inequalities

o  To provide details to the public of how they can keep involved going forward


·  Approach:


o  Blended approach - mostly digital though with some off-line engagement opportunities.

o  Pragmatic – given resource and time constraints - and so targeted

at communities experiencing health inequalities.

·  Collaborative with partners to maximise messaging

·  Using storytelling to explain engagement so far and highlight what new ways of working will mean for people in practice.

·  Engaging on the system-wide model but with options for localised additional engagement.


·  How we will engage:


o  Surveys with localised questions – on websites and via press release

o  Posters and leaflets

o  Workshops with community, 3rd sector and patient groups

o  Interviews with key stakeholders


He said that following the engagement activities he would like to update the Panel in January 2022.


He informed them that 127 expressions of interest for the available funding had been submitted and that only 8 will go onto the next stage of the process.


Councillor Rob Appleyard commented that within the surveys it would be helpful if information could be provided to residents about how the provision of services might change so that they are well prepared.


Kevin Burnett said that there would still need to be somebody that held the role of a care co-ordinator, whether that be a GP or other health professional.


Richard Smale replied that care planning will need to be in place and individuals will be assessed on where that needs to begin. He said that this could from the GP or the team around them. He added that it was important to make sure the governance of the process was correct.


Simon Cook added that data analysis will be key so the right technology will need to be in place.


Councillor Liz Hardman asked if enough staff / resources will be available for the model that we want to achieve.


Simon Cook replied that work will be carried out to make careers more attractive and progressive.


Richard Smale added that workforce numbers remain an issue, but that they would work together as much as possible to provide the required resources.


Corinne Edwards commented that there was a need to take the public with us on this journey and to try not to become fixated on buildings and beds. She added that this was not solely an adults issue and it is seen as an all age encompassing approach.


Councillor Alison Born, Cabinet Member for Adults and Council House Building offered her congratulations on the work carried out so far and said she hoped that solutions would be found for all service recipients.


The Chairman cited the recent transfer of services of the Mineral Hospital to the RUH as an example how to keep the public informed and show that services would remain available despite a change in location.


He added that he felt that a note of caution should be given regarding technology and app use as that could depend on access to a reliable phone signal and that some areas of the Council are not so well covered.


He stated that he supported the intentions of the project and urged the engagement of the public so that nobody is left behind.


Richard Smale said it was likely to take many years to achieve the goals stated and this initial consultation was just the start of the process.


The Chairman asked if the programme was working the Council outside the forum of the Panel.


The Director of Adult Social Care replied that it was and that it was seen as a long term journey that we need to support as much as possible to make sure the right services are in place for the public.


The Director of Children's Services & Education commented that she felt that Children & Young People needed to be referenced more within the programme, but welcomed the changes to the model that now reflect “Starting Well”.


The Chairman thanked Richard Smale and Simon Cook for their presentation on behalf of the Panel.

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