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The Panel will receive an update from the B&NES, Swindon & Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group (BSW CCG) on current issues.


Corinne Edwards, B&NES CCG, Chief Operating Officer addressed the Panel and highlighted the key topics covered within the update report.


Flu vaccine delays


While this year’s programme of winter flu vaccination clinics across B&NES is set to begin over the coming weeks, vaccine provider Seqirus has advised that due to unforeseen road freight challenges, there will be a delay to scheduled deliveries of around one to two weeks. This change means that practices will inevitably have to reschedule clinics.


As a result, Seqirus has pledged to keep practices informed through various delivery updates and practices across B&NES are keeping patients informed.



Supporting GPs and parents of children with Respiratory Syncytial Virus



BSW CCG has put measures in place to help address a rise in the number of children affected by Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). RSV is a potentially serious respiratory illness which children often pick up during the colder months of the year which health officials have been reporting in increasing numbers over the past few months.


The CCG has supported by supplying a range of RSV-related materials for GP practices and other health settings including display posters and leaflets and

organising education sessions for GPs on how to manage cases, as well as when to refer onwards to hospitals.


Awareness of the rise has been made to primary care colleagues to help manage children whose families may otherwise be putting unnecessary pressure on hospitals. There have also been communications with the public on guidance of when to contact primary care regarding the illness and when it is safe to monitor children.


Kevin Burnett asked what plans were being put in place locally to ease pressure on GPs.


Corinne Edwards replied that a detailed letter from the Government had been received this week regarding extra support. She added that colleagues have met and discussed initial thoughts and added that a plan suggesting solutions / investment needs to be submitted by October 28th.


Councillor Andy Wait asked if any further update could be given regarding flu vaccinations.


Corinne Edwards replied that she was aware that appointments were now being arranged to be vaccinated and that she would seek an update on behalf of the Panel.


Councillor Paul May commented that he hoped that there would be a mechanism in place for Integrated Care System (ICS) updates when the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) ceases to exist.


Corinne Edwards replied that it has been noted that this is an area of work that needs to be continued following the transition next year.


Councillor Liz Hardman asked how ready we were locally for these changes.


Richard Smale, B&NES CCG, Director of Strategy and Transformation replied that he felt that they were not in a bad place in terms of preparation and that meetings had been held this week with colleagues to further discuss the process.


The Chairman commented that he was concerned to hear that B&NES had recorded a higher number of more recent Covid-19 cases than Bristol.


The Director of Adult Social Care replied that she would ask the Director of Public Health to circulate a report that officers had received this week containing the latest data.


Richard Smale added that it should be noted that the link between cases and hospital admissions is currently lower.


The Chairman said that he hoped that people would not become too casual as the effect Long Covid was still somewhat unknown.


Kevin Burnett commented that he was aware that several small schools have been disrupted recently by an increase in cases and that he felt communications could be improved to assist them.


The Chairman thanked the CCG for the update on behalf of the Panel.

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