Agenda item

Cabinet Priorities

The paper sets out the proposed priorities of the new administration; these will be presented at the meeting by the Leader of the Council and cabinet members.


The Chair invited Councillor Robin Moss to address the Cabinet.


Councillor Moss commented that it was very much work in progress.  He said that there were vacant office spaces in Somer Valley which could be used.  Up until last year, there had been an Economic Forum in Radstock area, comprised of Councillors, officers and business community, and that was abolished by previous administration, and replaced by the Development Advisory Group, with only Councillors and officers on board. 


He also said that paragraph 5.7 of the report, Children and Young People, said that fostering should be included alongside adoption.  Councillor Moss concluded his statement by inviting the Cabinet to support the Labour initiative in opposing metro mayors and build on the existing democratic structure.


The Chair invited the other Members of the Council and public to address the Cabinet with their ad-hoc statements.


Councillor Dine Romero said that the aims and priorities of the new Cabinet seem to be built on proposals and plans from the previous administration and she supported the new Cabinet in their intention to continue with provision of early support and asked that there should be no more cuts to children centres or indeed youth services.  Councillor Romero also commented that people in Bath and North East Somerset were generally healthy, though there were still challenges in this area. 


Councillor Tim Ball asked if the Cabinet had taken into consideration, and taken measure to prevent new homes being forced to be built in Keynsham because Bristol was not able to deliver on housing.


The Chair responded that the Cabinet would be looking into that matter.


Councillor Lisa Brett asked the Cabinet to expand on what frontline services they saw as non-essential, which were likely to have an impact during the budget cuts.  Councillor Brett also asked if the Cabinet Member for Children and Young People would confirm that £6.6 million investment for capital school programme solely comprised of basic need funding and capital maintenance funding (both coming from the Central Government).


The Chair commented that these issues would be covered during the discussion on specific items.


Councillor Tim Warren, in moving this item, said that the Cabinet the aims and priorities in this paper had been closely aligned to those set out prior to the local elections, and demonstrate Cabinet’s commitment to delivering on the promises we made before May.


This paper sets out three core aims of our administration:


- A Council which is efficient and well-run;

- A Council which invests in the future of our area; and

- A Council which puts the interests of residents first.


Beyond these three core aims, the Cabinet had also set six more specific main priorities, which would guide their policies in the years ahead.

  • Tackle waste and increasing efficiency
  • Deliver new Homes and Jobs
  • Improving transportInvest in young people
  • To create cleaner, greener and healthier local communities
  • To ensure choice and independence for Older People


Councillor Warren summarised his statement by saying that the Cabinet would ensure that this Council would be efficient and well-run, and that the residents would be always put first.


A full copy of the statement from Councillor Warren is attached to these minutes.


Councillor Tim Warren moved the recommendations.


Councillor Charles Gerrish seconded the proposals.


Councillor Michael Evans emphasised the Cabinet’s commitment to build on the 5 Year Better Care Fund and also on the Youth Justice Plan, both of which were seen as examples of best practice in the country.


Councillor Vic Pritchard said that he has taken on board comments from Councillor Brett about health and highlighted the importance of the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy.


On a motion from Councillor Tim Warren, seconded by Councillor Charles Gerrish it was: 



RESOLVED (unanimously):

1)  To AGREE the aims and priorities set out in section 5 of the report and to;

2)  To further develop these into the Council’s Corporate Strategy for 2015 - 2020 to be brought to Cabinet in September.

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