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The Democratic Services Manager will announce any submissions received. The Council will be invited to decide what action it wishes to take, if any, on the matters raised in these submissions. As the questions received and the answers given will be circulated in written form there is no requirement for them to be read out at the meeting. The questions and answers will be published with the draft minutes.


The Chairman made reference to the Public Questions document which had been circulated to the meeting.


Joy Burt made a statement and handed in a petition of over 400 signatures calling for a ceiling on student numbers in the world heritage city of Bath.


Mr Ellis made a brief statement and handed in a petition of over 300 signatures concerning traffic problems on the Wellsway in Keynsham.


Jane Fox, on behalf of Tom Moat, made a statement supporting the continuation of the Duke of Edinburgh scheme and objecting to the changes proposed to the funding.  In response to a question from Councillor Michael Evans about whether Ms Fox was aware that Academies are responsible for their own funding, she explained she was aware, but that take up was still far higher in private schools than in state schools which made it exclusive and more difficult to deliver.  In response to a question from Councillor Lisa Brett about the effect on smaller charities, Ms Fox responded that the changes to funding would make it very difficult for smaller groups to deliver.  Councillor Jackson expressed concern and queried whether the programme delivered through the Radstock Youth Centre would be affected, Ms Fox confirmed that it would apply to the Youth Centre who would need to provide the £1100 per annum and take on the additional workload.


Giles Denning made a statement supporting the Duke of Edinburgh scheme.  In response to a question from Councillor Michael Evans about whether Mr Denning was aware that he was working with officers to alleviate the cuts and it looked likely they would be able to continue with licensing and possibly other arrangements, Mr Denning said that he was not aware.


Nigel Whitfield, a volunteer Duke of Edinburgh Leader, made a statement about the benefits of open award centres.


Jemma Rowlandson made a statement also in support of open award centres, explaining that she had recently achieved her Gold Duke of Edinburgh award at one such centre.  In response to a question from Councillor Lisa Brett about whether she felt volunteers at open award centres would have the confidence to deliver the programme without the backing of the Local Authority, Ms Rowlandson responded that she felt it was important to have Local Authority support and backing.


Nigel Sherwin made a statement about cycling on the London Road and the Gateway scheme, Bath.  A full copy of his statement is linked to the minutes online.  In response to a question from Councillor Lin Patterson about whether his views had support of others, Mr Sherwin responded that over 1200 people had signed a petition when it was originally proposed, and all the cycling clubs avoid the London Road when possible although there isn’t really an alternative route.


Bryn Jones, Chair of Transition Larkhall, made a statement, a copy of which is linked to the online minutes, suggesting measures to reduce congestion and poor air quality on the A4/London Road into Bath.  In response to a question from Councillor Lin Patterson about whether there was popular support for these measures, Mr Jones responded that there were a number of supporters who have said they would cycle more if it was safer.


Adam Reynolds, Chair of Cycle Bath, made a statement, a copy of which is linked to the online minutes, about safer cycle routes to schools.  In response to a question from Councillor Lin Patterson about whether the principles of the Larkhall Safer Routes to Schools programme were compatible with safer cycle routes, Mr Reynolds responded that segregated space was needed for different road users, not shared space.


David Redgewell made a statement on behalf of the various transport groups he represents proposing support for option B and the need to integrate with the MetroWest project.  A copy of David’s statement is attached to the online minutes.  In response to a question from Councillor Jonathan Carr about whether Mr Redgewell had seen evidence that the Administration were making progress with these issues, he responded that, through the joint Authority processes, there were making progress with MetroWest and starting to make progress on Bus Quality partnerships.  In response to a question from Councillor Dine Romero about whether, if finances weren’t an issue, they would support any other sites, Mr Redgewell responded that the reality was that of the sites offered, option B was the best one as it had a rail option and was the best point of integration.


The following members of the public were all speaking about the Park & Ride issue.  Statements that have been provided are attached to the minutes;


David Dixon, Jan Attah, Mr Peter Martin, Arwin & Amelie from Batheaston Primary School, Tom Boden (National Trust), Caitlin Poole, Susanne Hagen, Derek Greener, Irene Greener, Sian James, Christopher Atchison, Caroline Kay (Bath Preservation Trust), Andrew Lea, David Dunlop (London Road & Snowhill partnership), George Riley (Batheaston Parish Council), Patrick Rotheram (Vineyard Residents’ Association), Andrew Mercer, Bethany Hunger, Cheryl Nield de Crespo, Selma Crespo Nield, Robin Kerr (FOBRA Chairman), Mrs Bailhache, Henrietta Sherwin (Avonside CPRE), Mark Stephens, Catherine Gregory, Catherine Simpson, Maddy Donoghue, Lisa Brown, Louise Hidalgo, Carole Bond, Emma Adams, Martin Harman, Annie Kilmington, Steve Horler, Grace Deathridge, Dorian Baker, Henry Brown, Alison Smith, Christine Boyd, Siân Hunger, John Richards, Sally Rothwell, Moira Brennan (Chairman Bathampton PC), Mark Stephens (also reading statement from Derek Redding), Lucien Stephens, Sharon Collins, Nick Cooper, Ian Perkins (TARA and City Centre Action group), Maria Naughton, Rory Geldard, Stuart Feasey, Graham Feasey, David Batho, Steven Robinson, Mark Magri-Overend, Judy Klinpikuln, Jane Natt, Bob Gore, Hannah Hyam, Peter Wardle, Jeff Owen, Caroline Cooper, Nick Cooper, Judy Bailey, Alexis Pavlou, Fiona Powell, Mark Millar.