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Corporate Policy Development and Scrutiny Panel

This page lists the meetings for Corporate Policy Development and Scrutiny Panel.


Information about Corporate Policy Development and Scrutiny Panel

Overview & Scrutiny is the name given to the system of checks and balances implemented to monitor and review the activity of the Cabinet and also assist them in developing policy.


Overview & Scrutiny has two key roles:



  • To assist the Council and Cabinet in the development of new policy
  • To assist the Cabinet by giving comments on issues identified as "Key Decisions" prior to a decision being made
  • To contribute to major service reviews at scoping and "key issues" stages
  • To assist the Cabinet by giving comments on selected Service & Budget Plans at their draft stage




  • Scrutinise performance management information to ensure that the Council is performing to agreed targets and to agreed Action Plans
  • Determine "call-ins" of decisions made but not yet implemented by the Cabinet or an officer
  • Scrutinise particular "Key Decisions" and other aspects of Cabinet activity to ensure compliance with agreed Council policies and plans.
  • Evaluate the impact of Council and or Cabinet decisions and policies


Democratic & Legal Services including Registration and Electoral Services • Corporate Finance • Procurement & Commissioning • Pensions & Financial Administration • Management Accounts • Human Resources & Organisation Development • Strategy, Engagement & Marketing Including Equalities • Business Support, Programmes & Performance • Digital & Customer Services • Commercial Including Audit & Assurance2 • Property Investment including Estates • Construction Maintenance & FM • Heritage, including Tourism & Arts • Growth & Enterprise including Regeneration, Employment & Skills, Business Growth, Bath Enterprise Area


Membership: 7 Liberal Democrat Member; 1 Labour Member and 1 Independent member

Chair is nominee of the Labour Group; Vice Chair is nominee of Liberal Democrat Group



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