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5 mins


Welcome from Chair, Introductions and Apologies


John Alder opened the meeting and welcomed all those who were present and appologies for absence were recorded.

5 mins


Minutes and matters arising from the previous meeting pdf icon PDF 95 KB


The minutes from the meeting which took place on 21st November 2018 had not been circulated and therefore could not be commented on. Copies were available for attendees to take away and should there be any amendments or additions required please make Mark Hayward aware.


There were no outstanding matters arising from the 21st November 2018 meeting.


20 mins


Police Update

An update will be provided by the police on the latest crime statistics for the forum area. (10minutes)


There will be an opportunity for questions and comments. Neighbourhood Watch and Community Speedwatch are two areas where further information has been requested. (10 minutes)


Thanks to Jon Bagnowiec, Neighbourhood Police Team Sergeant from Avon and Somerset Police for providing the forum with local crime statistics and taking our questions. Jon agreed to respond to John Adler on several points he was unable to answer at the meeting due to being from a different beat area.


Points that were raised in the crime stats update related to the comparison year on year periods for January 2019 and January 2018 for the Wellow and surrounding beat area:

o  Criminal Damage is down - 4 incidents (2019) vs 5 incidents (2018)

o  Burglary is down – 11 incidents (2019) vs 13 incidents (2018)

o  Thefts are up – 15 incidents (2019) vs 8 incidents (2018)

o  Public Order Offences are down – 3 (2019) vs 6 incidents (2018)

o  Vehicle Incidents are the same – 8 (2019) vs 8 (2018)


The question was asked around the thefts and if there are any incidents involving machinery from sheds? 

Jon explained that it is most likely that shed thefts are part of the problem with thefts in the area. There is a system used by the police that maps out the problem patterns and shows the hotspots where resource should be allocated.


The question was asked around the scout hut theft incident that was covered in the press, has there been any success with this case?

Jon explained that it’s outside his beat area but will find out and feedback.


A discussion was had about an incident that occurred in Freshford following some problem passengers being removed from a train at Freshford Station.

It was felt that there needs to be consideration by British Transport Police when taking action as the problem is left in the location where the trouble makers are left.

Jon explained that these sorts of incidents are rare and do not appear to be showing up as a pattern through the reporting logs. A conversation can be had with British Transport Police on their strategy for dealing with behaviours and the vulnerability in communities such as Freshford as a result of taking action. The police can look at the logs to see the level of incidents that occur near the railway Stations.


An incident in Monkton Combe was described, two bike shad been stolen from a garage at the second attempt, this was at 5am and a vehicle was used in the incident.



40 mins


Update on the Rural Transport Steering Group Meeting

David Orme attended a meeting of forum representatives on 4th January 2019, feedback on the discussion will be provided. (15 minutes)


Questions and Comments will be taken. (15 minutes)


The next steps will be discussed and we need to provide a steer on how to take this work forward. (10 mins)


David Orme explained the discussions on Rural Transport issues have already taken been taking place. These include the Connecting Communities Joint Chairs Group, Parish Meetings and the newly formed group that met recently with Cllr Paul Myers in Midsomer Norton. Notes were made available to the forum of the Cllr Paul Myers Midsomer Norton meeting.


Paul Myers led a presentation which covered what work has already taken place to date.


20 mins


Feedback on Consultation Workshop

John Adler and Kathryn Manchee will provide feedback on the consultation workshop which they attended on 26th January 2019. (10 minutes)


Questions and comments will be taken. (10 minutes)


Paul Myers provided feedback on the consultation workshop event which took place in January 2019 and involved representations from the community forums across Bath and North East Somerset.


20 mins


Suggestions for future forum topics

The forum will next meet in June following the local elections. There will be a number of new representatives that will have taken part, new ward areas and a new administration. This offers the CAM Valley forum the opportunity to review its list of members and invitees for future meetings. The forum is asked to discuss how they would like to see the future involvement of our communities in shaping how we move forward. (10 minutes)



The agendas for the CAM Valley Forum are intended to deliver a mixture of:


·  Community Showcase items – what is happening around the parishes

·  Information on specific Council Services

·  Updates from other Public Services

·  Local Community information


The forum are invited to share their views on the way that they would like to develop future agendas (10 minutes)

Suggestions for future items presently include; village agents and rural links.





A discussion took place around topics that the forum could focus on later in the year.