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15 mins


Welcome discussion and Introductions

Attendees are invited to discuss with the Chair of Bath Area Forum, Nicolette Boater what aspirations they have for The Bath Area Forum.


Attendees will be asked to rate in a poll: How concerned they are for the future of Bath?


Simon Martin, Director of Regeneration and Housing will be attending the meeting and will introduce the work of the B&NES Council Place Team and who the decision makers are for the policies that shape our city. The Bath Area Forum will be a valuable input for local expertise.

45 mins


Making space for all in our city's Nature Recovery

Roots Allotments: William Gay will discuss the work that has taken place to deliver residents the opportunity to have an allotment in the Newbridge area of Bath.


Bath City Farm: Brendan Wistreich, Director of Bath City Farm will discuss the work that has been taking place at Bath City Farm. This will include how the Farm are keen to see local food production one of its goals.


Transition Bath: Dr Lyn Barham, Trustee / Food Group Convenor will take part in a discussion on the work that has been taking place on the aspects of local food at Transition Bath.


Additional Contributions will be welcomed at the meeting.

10 mins


Ukraine Refugees / Guests

Dave Dixon from The Community Wellbeing Hub will be joined by Issy Warren from Bath Welcomes Refugees.


This update will focus on the work that has been taking place in welcoming Ukrainian Refugees / Guests to Bath and the support that is being given to help their Sponsors who are offering space in their homes.


20 mins


Feedback and Looking Forward

Sliding scale polls will appear on screen asking how participants valued each agenda item.


The Vice Chair opportunity for Bath Area Forum.


Options for our next meeting:

Discuss The Bath Area Forum Terms of Reference.

Ideas for community showcase items

Liveable Neighbourhoods.


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