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Matters arising from the meetings of 13.11.18 & 10.12.18 and the agreement of the minutes pdf icon PDF 109 KB

The Chair will request the minutes of the meetings which took place on 13th November 2018 and 10th December 2018 to be agreed and seconded by forum members that were present at these meetings.


The will ask the forum if they have any matters arising from the previous meetings.  

Additional documents:


The Chair welcomed the forum members and guests, the apologies received were recorded.


The Chair explained that an e-mail sent from forum member Nicolette Boater raised issues around omissions that she would like included in the minutes from the meeting that took place on 13th November 2018. It was agreed that the minutes will be updated to include the additional points that were raised. The forum had no other matters regarding the minutes and they were agreed by Councillor Rob Appleyard and seconded Jeremy Boss.




Avon Fire and Rescue Update


Adrian Davies, Avon Fire and Rescue attended the forum to provide an update on several issues and take any general questions.


The message on water safety continues to be driven and needs to remain a constant active campaign. Volunteers from the local community continue to support the work and the river patrols. A new river rescue boat is being brought into the Bath area and this will be supported by a permanent river birth that is to be located near Pulteney Weir.


There has been a concerted effort by the Fire and Rescue Service to carry out visits to schools in the Bath area, targeting pupils in year’s five to seven. The safety messages that are delivered through these visits give pupils an important understanding around a number of safety risks.

There has been a difficulty in getting access to a number of schools that we wish to visit to deliver these messages. The request was made for Councillors to help with opening doors to the schools so that visits can be arranged.


Questions and Comments:


Councillor Peter Turner – It is disappointing to hear that schools have not been active in arranging visits, why do you think this is?


Ø  The school visits are an opportunity for early intervention on a wide range of issues and are similar to what already happens with the Universities and College. The schools have found it difficult to find the time to deal with the requests and to schedule visits. 


Councillor Dine Romero – The primary schools in B&NES is mainly of academy status and are run by executive heads. If details can be provided of what is needed, I would be happy to speak to my contacts.

ACTION: Adrian Davies to provide Mark Hayward with further information to send around to the forum.


Ø  Ashley Ayre explained that the Council are able to assist in sending any communications on to academy schools.


Councillor Dine Romero – The river pathway near the Churchill Bridge was fenced off recently, have there been any reports of issues?


Ø  There are a large number of students that live in accommodation along the river and this does add to the difficulties around safety. Early access to speak with university students will help in getting the message on safety across. 


Councillor Shaun Stephenson-McGall asked if that future updates from the Fire Service can be opened up wider to allow the Council to have discussions that can also bring in The Fire Authority.


Ø  Yes, future agenda setting can reflect this request.

30 mins


Police - Issues in Bath City

The Police have been asked to provide an update on several topics, these include:-

·  What action is being taken in dealing with County Lines issues?

·  What direction is the Police are taking to improve the levels of Police visibility in Bath?

·  What plans are there for an improved Police Station in Bath and how are the public being given clear direction on what to do when they need to report a crime in the City.   


For Information: The Police have advised that the role of BaNES Neighbourhood Manager is presently being covered by Interim Acting Inspector Sarah Dinnis, Inspector Gavin Usher will take his appoint within the next few weeks.



Avon and Somerset Police were represented at the forum by Chief Inspector Steve Kendall, Acting Inspector Sarah Dinnis and Neighbourhood Police Team Sergeant, Jonathon Risley.


Steve Kendall gave an overview of the recently published crime statistics. Nationally the picture shows crime has increased 7% year on year overall, in Bath however the overall rate shows a decrease of 2%. There is no room for complacency but Bath does remain a safe place to live.


Visibility of the Police in Bath continues to be an area that is being improved, a number of these improvements have been implemented: -

·  The recruitment of addition al PSCOs

·  Staff being issued hi-spec laptops that make working at community locations much easier.

·  A parking bay for a police vehicle is being put in place on Bath High Street in front of The Guildhall.

·  Electric Bikes are being used.

·  Disruptive Effects through methods of dealing with counter terrorism.

·  Targeted foot patrols at key times.


Central Bath does continue to have a public enquiry counter which is situated in the one stop shop at Manver’s Street. There are plans for the signage to be improved at this location. The B&NES area does have one of the highest levels of public counter access points in the UK. The police 24/7 response office is based off Midland Road in Bath and there is work in progress for future options for an alternative location.


The methods for the public contacting the police have not changed: -

·  For emergencies call 999

·  For other reports and enquiries call 101

·  Online

·  In person - walk into any of our public enquiry counters


Sarah Dinnis provided an overview of the emerging national issues of County Lines is having locally. Bath has seen incidents but the levels are far less than many other towns and cities. There is a national co-ordinations centre that the south west regional crime lead is connecting into. The issues around County Lines have to be tackled and the silos that once occurred are being overcome and better ways of working are emerging.


There has historically been an approach that saw enforcement taking place this saw people being pushed out of one area and popping up in other or new areas. In Bath the police are now working on number of different approaches:


·  Intelligence gathering 

·  Days of action in and around the City

·  Digging deeper into who is hear

·  Obtaining warrants to get into premises

·  Working with Housing Associations

·  Taking part in intervention and safeguarding 


Where there is an approach victims are being looked after, the success rate can improve. Welfare visits to check in on those people that have been cuckooed offers advice on methods of contact.


The age range for the people that are being drawn is seeing more 15/16 year olds becoming involved. The police have difficulties as they are not inclined to stop and search vulnerable young people. Work with B&NES Council takes place on identifying young people by listening to what is being  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.

15 mins


Consultation Workshop Update

The Chair will invite the forum representatives who attended the consultation workshop held by Councillor Paul Myers on 26th January 2018 to provide feedback.


Councillor Paul Myers reported back to the forum on the Consultation Workshop Event which took place on Saturday 26th January 2019. The workshop was opened up to all of the B&NES community forums following the initial discussion that were brought to light by members of the Bath City Forum.


The workshop saw the group work on three areas; ‘the good and the bad’, ‘what to do’ and a controlled roll play experiment. There was a range of interesting feedback produced at the workshop which underpinned the original Bath views along with wider initiatives.


All sectors of the community agreed that they can do better by working together on a ‘deal’ and they are willing to continue to follow up and consult more on this work. The aim is for a report to be put before cabinet before the purdah period starts.


Roger Driver felt that Saturday have been useful and saw good interaction across the B&NES Parishes, 3SG and Bath Representatives. It is hoped that he the continuum that builds up to and through the elections will be built upon. A point that came from the 3SG representation was that they can make an offering to find the harder to reach groups and make adjustments to involve these people.


Paul Roles felt that the session had been interesting and fun with an active mode. It was clear that people want to hear the truth upfront when announcements are made. A memorandum of understanding to show what and how things should be done has been recommended, it will be great if the work can continue to be developed.


Nicolette Boater was unable to attend the workshop but hoped that this would be the first point in the process and is keen to see it taken forward.


Councillor Paul Myers explained that this work is intended to be neutral and non-political the full workshop notes will be distributed once they are written up. This work is being carried out with financial restraints but it could see large sums of money saved in the future if we get this right.


Questions and Comments:


Councillor Dine Romero – What is the end goal and what’s necessary in reaching this?


Ø  It is hard at this stage to set out any recommendation yet.

Ø  There has been confusion of the meaning of consultation

Ø  We will look at the code of practice and will this work

Ø  It is hoped that by working together as a group a better co-produced outcome can be reached

Ø  We aim to open up a new way of dealing with consultation, one that sets the scene and has the systems that are backed by a code that has been agreed upon and can be referred to. 

Ø  We have to reinvent our way of working with a living and respectful approach.

Ø  We can learn for the example of working different as Frome has done. 

40 mins


HMO Licensing in Bath

Chris Mordaunt - Team Manager (Housing Standards and Improvement) has been asked to provide an update on the topic of HMO’s and an understanding of the new licencing regulations to 3,000 HMO properties in Bath (3,500 across B&NES).


·  The timeline for landlords to comply with the regulations

  • The powers that enforcement will provide
  • How the licencing works and the cost, details on how many HMOs are already licenced.
  • Information we have on the split between the HMOs for Students vs. Others
  • How regularly will there be information about how the uptake in licencing is going and what effect there is on housing in the City from the new rules.





Chris Mordant, B&NES Team Manager - Housing Standards and Improvement was in attendance to offer advice and discuss the HMO licencing scheme.


  • The new HMO Licencing Scheme that came into being on the 1st January 2019 will help with a number of the common issues that occur with low standard accommodation in the city. This scheme will see all shared homes having to be licenced with B&NES Council and those found not to be complying will be committing a criminal offence and can face a fine of up to £30K.


  • Properties that require a licence will pay £795 for a five year period (a £50 discount is offered if completed online), these receipts will fund administration and enforcement for the scheme. This scheme is not run for profit.


  • There are presently 3,000 properties in the City of Bath, these are a properties occupied by three unrelated people (not from the same families) that are sharing household facilities. A further 500 larger properties in B&NES are also included where the number increases to five people sharing.


  • It is understood that 2,600 of the properties in Bath are occupied by students; this information is from council tax records which show student exemptions.


  • Once the application process has been introduced an enforcement policy will come into effect which will deliver strong measures against non-compliant landlords.


  • The number of properties that are licenced will be reviewed regularly and annually reporting will be produced.


  • The Council will be able to inspect properties and will target those that have not been inspected previously and will then move onto and revisit those we have visited before. We will be looking at the quality of the premises, how the property is managed, safety issues, management arrangements for overseas landlords. A fit and proper person needs to be available locally to manage any arrangements for the tenants.


  • Other factors for consideration are: - criminal record checks, is the number of occupants correct for the property, are there fire safety measures in place and what management plan is in place for fixing broken items. The standards around waste storage, carbon monoxide detectors, waste location information, fire risk and property information will also be required through the licencing agreement.


  • There will be a public register that will appear on the B&NES Council website, all HMOs will appear mapped on the section called My Council. The aim is for all HMOs to be licenced and listed by the end of 2019, presently we are in a period of adjustment where all HMOs are able to continue operating if the landlord is in the process of applying for a licence.


  • One an inspection has been carried out on a property a licence can be issued; this may have conditions that need to be addressed by the landlord. Where there is a need to address urgent works these will be dealt with separately. Dependent on the risks follow up visits will be agreed.


20 mins


Neighbourhood CIL for Bath Panel

Councillor Rob Appleyard will provide feedback from the latest Neighbourhood CIL for Bath Panel which took place on 14th January 2019.


Councillor Rob Appleyard provided feedback from the last meeting of the Neighbourhood CIL for Bath Working Group which was held on Monday, 14th January, 2019.


Update on previously recommended projects


Four projects have received a single member decision. These are; Sydney Gardens, Student Community Partnership, Bathwick Road Safety and Moorland Road Library. These will be free to implement from 5th February 2019.


The Sydney Gardens Project has received notification that the Heritage Lottery Funding Application has now been agreed. This will allow the Changing Place Toilet Project to go ahead as planned.


Four projects that have been passed by the Bath City Forum as recommendations have not yet been passed for a single member decision as they are presently awaiting further advice from the Councils Legal Team. These are; Bath City Farm, Widcombe Subway, Parade Gardens Bandstand and Bath Carnival. The advice that has been given by the legal team has been interpreted differently to the guidance that has been used previously for the use of neighbourhood CIL receipts. A response is being prepared and will be submitted this week requesting further discussion around these issues.


Financial Summary Update


The next receipts for Neighbourhood CIL for Bath will be received in April 2019. The receipts are paid every six months in April and September.


The present balance table for Neighbourhood CIL for Bath receipts is set out below:


Projects that are cleared with a single member decision


Projects that are awaiting a legal decision



Projects that are awaiting a single member decision


Total funding committed to all recommendations (November 2018)


Total Bath CIL Receipts (September 18)


Available funding for additional recommendations (January 2019)




The Urban Garden BA060


The panel spent a considerable amount of time discussing this application from Genesis Trust requesting a contribution of £50,000 towards The Urban Garden project. The panel were not prepared to agree funding at this stage. B&NES Officers were asked to arrange to meeting with Genesis and B&NES Parks to investigate the points that need to be addressed. The application will need to be brought back to the panel once with any additional information has been gathered. 


Bathwick Towpath Improvement Project BA059


The panel reviewed that application that was submitted by the Canal and River Trust for a contribution of £34,500 funding towards the improvements of the Bathwick Towpath.


The panel felt that this application showed that the delivery of this scheme was would provide improved infrastructure to an area of footpath that already sees a high footfall. The new developments nearby will see a greater need for improved paths for commuters to and from the city and those who use the canal for leisure purposes. This stretch of the canal has footpath access along only one side; this puts extra demand on wear and tear of this route.


The panel all felt that this project should receive the contribution of £34,500. This funding would be  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.

10 mins


Future Bath City Forum Meetings

This meeting will be the last before the local elections on 2nd May 2019. the earliest date that the forum meets will be June 2019.





Councillor Colin Blackburn explained that this was the last Bath City Forum until after the May 2019 elections; he thanked the co-opted members for their contributions.


Once the new administration has been formed the Bath City Forum will need take instruction from on how it is to proceed and align it to the incoming mix of

newly elected members.


Further agenda items will be welcomed once dates for future meetings have been set out. The work that has been carried out by Andrew Page on forum development and the suggestion by Councillor Shaun Stephenson-McGall to include the fire authority on future meetings has been noted as forward agenda items.