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Community Engagement and Consultation pdf icon PDF 195 KB

Following on from the recent discussion at Bath City Forum, Cllr

Paul Myers is returning to continue the discussion on the further work is to take place around B&NES Consultations and Community Engagement.


The forum members are asked for individual examples of what has worked well and what does not work so well.


Cllr Myers will request two representatives from the Bath Forum to join the working party that will comprise of representation from all of the B&NES forums.


In his opening remarks, Councillor Paul Myers informed the Forum that following their July meeting he had received a high-calibre piece of work on this subject from a group of residents convened by former Bath City Forum member, Virginia Williamson, and requested that his thanks were passed on to these residents.


Councillor Paul Myers explained that he was returning to the Bath City Forum to follow up on the recent discussion which had taken place with forum members on consultation methods and process. The points that have been raised previously have been taken on board and we are now ready to take the work forward.


Councillor Paul Myers presented a framework diagram which showed the number of parties that are involved in with the complexities of the consultation process. 


In the next stage of this work, it is important that all of the area forums in B&NES are part of this discussion. The proposal is that each forum puts forward two representatives that will meet for a one off workshop, and will explore and deliver some outcomes that can improve how we work. Paul added that he hopes to bring in Council Officers to the workshop who will be able to contribute openly and constructively to the outputs.


Councillor Rob Appleyard asked; how do we expect to overcome the complexity of the framework issues? How will we ensure the time which is allocated to consultations is correct and how will we know we are setting the correct questions with consultations.


Jeremy Boss felt that the shape of these ideas looks good, and that they demonstrate that the Council are listening. It has often been commented by some that consultations are a ‘stich-up’ so by delivering a better standard of information and making soft changes to dealing with the processes can only be a good thing.


Councillor Colin Blackburn felt that this offer is a mechanism that will allow forum representatives to put forward their concerns around the consultation process. There does need to be a roadmap that sets out what should be expected by all of those involved in the process.


Welcoming Cllr. Myers recognition of the complexity of community engagement and consultation and that solutions are best developed collaboratively, Nicolette Boater welcomed Cllr. Myers recognition of the complexity of community engagement and consultation and that solutions are best developed collaboratively, Nicolette Boater highlighted the need for consultative processes and practices that better enable effective two-way communication, facilitate ongoing participation and build trust.


Councillor Shaun Stephenson-McGall explained that consolation is part of the democratic process, which does however cost money when you carry this out properly. We are presently living through times where budgets are being cut and services are being reduced. There are consultations that take in the views from the Parish Councils in North East Somerset but when it comes to Bath, if the Bath City Forum does not step in to make comments there is a void in the feedback that is obtained for B&NES  ...  view the full minutes text for item 1.



Welcome and Matters arising from the last meeting pdf icon PDF 98 KB

The Forum Chair will ask for agreement and any comments on

the notes of the meeting which took place on 18th September



Councillor Colin Blackburn welcomed Enya Jane Battersby to her first meeting of The Bath City Forum. Enya explained that she is a resident in Bath and undertakes a number of roles in the City, this include being an advocate for student safety and student housing, that she is a member of the SCP and has an understanding of the divisions that high levels of students bring to the City.


Councillor Sue Craig was introduced as the replacement representative for the Liberal Democrats who takes over from Andrew Furse.


Apologies were recorded in the attendance record.


The minutes from the 18th September 2018 meeting were agreed by Robin Kerr and seconded by Councillor Peter Turner.


Councillor Colin Blackburn responded to matters that had arisen through an e-mail received from Nicolette Boater which commented on a number of issues at the previous meeting:


The first point raised was regarding Ben Palmer seconding the minutes from (17.07.18) at the last meeting (18.09.18) – It was agreed that at future meetings we ask for persons who was present at the previous meeting approves and seconds the minutes.


Point two - it was confirmed that the Bath City Forum minutes can be agreed and seconded by any forum member weather they are a Councillor or Co-optee.


Point three – it was confirmed that the word second or seconded is a recognised term for the approval of minutes (the terms that parliament uses asks for is an approver and a seconder).


Point four – it was confirmed that the election of the Chair and Vice Chair allows for all members to nominate and vote. At the meeting on 18th September Cllr Bob Goodman attended as the Cabinet Representative and the thirteenth Councillor member, who sit alongside the 13 Co-opted members. The Bath City Forum Terms of Reference make only one exclusion on the Cabinet Member; this is that they are not able to stand as Chair of the Bath City Forum.


Point five – was a suggestion that the submission of nominations be made five working days in advance of the Bath City Forum AGM for both Chair and Vice Chair nominations. It was confirmed that any change will require a motion to be raised for a change to be made to the standing orders, this could be put forward at a future agenda setting meeting. Once on a future agenda this would need to be put to the Bath City Forum as a motion for them to vote upon.


The sixth point raised was regarding forum development. It was confirmed that Andrew Page has been working alongside the Chair and Vice Chair on this work stream. This work has yet to conclude, this could morph into a task and finish group if there is the desire for members of the forum to take this on.




Bath Quays North Development

Richard Holden (Operations Manager) will provide details of the

Bath North Quays Development. This will be an information sharing presentation with questions that will follow.


Richard Holden (Operations Manager – Bath Enterprise Zone) provided a presentation that covered details of the Bath North Quays Development.

Further detailed information can also be located at: Bath Quays


Comments and Questions:


Councillor Joe Rayment asked if the plans for office space were both sustainable and will be built to the highest possible standard.


The project will adopt the principles and seek to achieve Breeam Excellent and be well enabled for occupiers.  Certification is in its own right a costly process.


Councillor Peter Turner felt that the consultation on the Bath Quays North development had missed a level of effective communication with the Mission Theatre on Corn Street. Additionally Peter asked if there had been any feedback from the Innovation Centre that actively supports entrepreneurs at Carpenter House.


There has been regular dialogue with the Mission Theatre and we have corresponded regularly and we understand the concerns.

Yes, the Innovation Centre has been included in the dialogue and is a key business incubator in the City. That dialogue is positively ongoing.


Paul Roles asked how additional retail units will be filled, when there are forty three empty premises in Bath City Centre at this time. Additionally where are the plans for taxi rank on the development?


There is no easy answer to the changes to shopping habits, the loss in the demand for retail is a national issue and business has adapted well in the past. The new units are designed not to compete with those in the City Centre; a wider conversation is taking place for more creative and meanwhile use of vacant retail space in the City. If no demand were to come forward then the delivery of the retail units would need to be reconsidered.

We will be dealing with the issue of taxi drop off and pick up for the development.



Councillor Dine Romero raised the issue of sustainable solutions that will deal with the vacated spaces in existing locations that move into the new development, we saw this happen in retail when Southgate opened. Additionally, having an additional hotel included in the development seems inappropriate when there are already too many bed spaces in the existing businesses.


We have gone into this development with our eyes open; a phased delivery for the project by the development partner will seek to build on the strength of demand in Bath for ‘Grade A’ office space from the high quality tenants that are expected to be attracted. 

Some parties have been looking at a hotel use, but any new facility will likely be aimed predominantly at business use


Penny Coatsworth asked if the new Bath Quays Bridge will be accessible to both cyclists and pedestrians.


Yes it will be wide enough to accommodate both. 


Councillor Rob Appleyard asked for clarification on the move of the waste transfer site that was located at Avon Street.


The relocation referred to is moving the Street Cleansing equipment holding facility from Avon Street.  This should  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.



Bath Clean Air Zone Update

The Bath Clean Air Zone Team will give a short presentation

starting around followed by the opportunity for questions and

opinions to be put forward. The public are welcome to

contribute; all views will be captured and fed into the

consultation process.



Cathryn Brown (Environmental Protection Team) and Chris Major (Transport and Parking Services) provided a presentation that covered details of the Bath Clean Air Zone.

Further detailed information can also be located at:

Bath Breathes Clean Air Zone  


Comments and Questions


Councillor Shaun Stevenson-McGall asked how responsive the Council will be to changes in traffic movements especially those that become rat runs


This will be an ongoing process where changes will need to be reviewed, we will utilise the evidence when it becomes clear that change is happening.

We are keen to get the area covered correctly from the start, so it is important that feedback is provided through our public consultation questionnaire.


Councillor Shaun Stevenson-McGall asked how the commuter parking issues in residential areas will be dealt with.


There is an ongoing action to review the structure of the existing parking strategy; we will be keen to work with our communities where there is a need.


Councillor Peter Turner commented about the validity of the data that is being used for Sydney Place and Darlington Street. Many residents want to see the A36 included within the clean air zone.


Robin Kerr commented how an increase in electric car charging points will be reached in Georgian areas of the City. Many people are not able to access parking outside their homes therefore will not be able to charge from their own home. We will need to see a suitably designed charging point option that is compatible with the City.


Councillor Anthony Clarke commented that 38 degrees held a petition that goes against the introduction of this scheme. The Jacobs business report appears to have an issue over specific locations that are outlined.


Councillor Jasper Becker asked how many vehicles it takes to impact on the nitrogen dioxide levels in Bath. Additionally do we know how effective similar schemes that have been that were introduced in Europe and America?


We know that diesel vehicles are the most polluting and add around 90% to the recorded levels. A group called Bath Hacked have validated the data and they also say that diesel cars contribute around 43%.

In Paris there are restrictions on cars entering the City, this uses number plate restrictions and has brought benefits. We are aware that Germany is also working on restrictions.

The government in the UK has a framework that sets out what we need to follow to meet the targets within set timeframes.


Councillor Colin Blackburn asked if there are plans to introduce hydrogen filling station in the local area as the nearest is presently in Swindon.


We are in discussions about these measures.


Nicolette Boater questioned the rationale for deviating from the daily charge used in other cities, remarking that although £9 a day might be an average behavioural tipping point, there may still be a significant proportion of users where the need/convenience/affordability trade-offs still favour use of a polluting car, and so, given the intrinsic uncertainty and diversity surrounding so many individual  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.



Community Riverboat - CIL Funded

Cleo Newcombe Jones will give a short presentation on how

Bath CIL funding has been used to provide a community

workboat for the river corridor. Cleo will explain how the plans

for this project will help with the maintenance of the river and the

impact on the community.


Cleo Newcombe Jones (Local Development Framework - Green Infrastructure) presented feedback on the Community Workboat that the Bath City Forum supported earlier this year by providing CIL funding. Cleo introduced Steve from the Canal and River Trust and Trevor who is the Lead Volunteer on the Workboat.  


The workboat has already delivered a host of activity, last week alone over two hundred volunteer hours on the towpaths was achieved. Prior to the workboat being available the rate for hiring a vessel was £850 per day. There are numerous projects that the boat will help the volunteers achieve, if there is anything that you feel we could help with along the waterway then please get in touch.


The Bath City Forum is thanked for taking the decision to fund this project and it has enabled an excellent model for of how partnerships can succeed and flourish. The boat has been named Sulis and now has 27 active volunteers working on board on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  If any member of the forum wishes to come along and see for themselves what is happening there is an open invite.  


Penny Coatsworth commented that it was great to hear about such wonderful work that is being achieved. Penny added that the links to the Universities River Safety and Avon Fire and Rescue need to be strong.

Cleo explained that there is involvement on 8th December around the deep lock open day.


Robin Kerr asked about how the boat will be maintained and if the upper river would be looking for a second boat.

Cleo explained that this project has a long term commitment for the maintenance from the Canal and River Trust. If an additional boat was to be needed it is expected that a much smaller vessel would work on the upper river.




Bath City Forum Neighbourhood CIL Panel Update

Cllr Rob Appleyard will report back on the recommendations of

the six projects applications which will have been discussed at

the Bath City Forum Neighbourhood CIL Panel meeting on 5th

November 2018.


Beat the Street


The panel felt that the amount of funding that was being requested was too big an investment for this project and concluded with a decision that they would not make a recommendation for funding from the Bath CIL Fund. The panel felt the level of staffing costs were too high, alternative projects could be achieved at considerably lower costs



Bath City Farm


The panel felt that the amount of funding that was being requested was high but offer an opportunity to inject much needed investment into this area of the City. The panel concluded a recommendation for funding of 25% of the total cost up to a maximum of £125,000. Delivery of social cohesion with strong links to the community were the key to supporting this project which will serve as a Hub for local organisations and will strengthen the offering of Bath City Farm to residents in the South of Bath. 



SCP Administration


The panel felt that this application would provide the Student Community Partnership (SCP) an opportunity to strengthen the Town and Gown offering in areas of the City that are now seeing increased levels of students. The panel recommended that a total contribution of £15,000 to fund a part time administration support position over a two years period.



Widcombe Subway


The panel were in agreement that the funding for an art installation in the Widcombe Subway should be recommended in principle. Up to £20,000 is agree on the basis that the following points are: 

·  Artwork is included at the entrance/exit points to the subway

·  Local artists are used to provide the artwork

·  Local schools and community groups are consulted on what art should be included



Parade Gardens Bandstand CIL Application BA053


The panel agreed to recommend funding of £12,300 for completion of the Parade Garden Bandstand restoration and artwork installation.



Bath Carnival CIL Application BA056


This panel agree to recommend up to £27,200 for Studio/Creative space and the running cost of a vehicle to assist Bath Carnival with their community activities. The delivery of the application will require some refinement through work with officers to ensure that the correct solution for a CAZ compliant vehicle is found.





Moorland Road Library CIL Application BA052


The panel agreed to recommend this application for funding of £18,000 over a three year period. It was agreed by the panel that funds will only be released on the basis that the community library agreement between B&NES Council and Moorland Road Community Library (Bath) has been finalised and signed off.



Bath Neighbourhood CIL Balance


  • The overall receipts for Bath at 31 October 2018 have reached £718,564.
  • The total level of spending that has been paid out to five completed projects equals £110,900
  • The total amount of funding that has been set aside for seventeen recommended projects that are yet to be delivered equals £431,686.
  • The funding total still available for future project equals £175,978. 



The forum voted in favour of the panel’s recommendations, the projects will now be submitted  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.



Any Other Business

Working Together - Budget Discussion 10th December 2018


A meeting has been scheduled on 10th December (5-7pm) for

the Bath City Forum, Bathavon North Forum, Cam Valley Forum

and the Third Sector Group.


This meeting will be looking at how by working together our

communities’ can achieve better outcomes whilst dealing with

the budget pressures that we continue to face.


City of Bath Post Office Relocation


For information it has been announced that the Post Office in

Northgate Street will be relocated to WH Smiths in Stall Street. A

forthcoming consultation by the Post Office is expected to be

announced soon.



Working Together - Budget Discussion 10th December 2018


A meeting has been scheduled on 10th December (5-7pm) for the Bath City Forum, Bathavon North Forum, Cam Valley Forum and the Third Sector Group. This meeting will be looking at how by working together our communities’ can achieve better outcomes whilst dealing with the budget pressures that we continue to face.


Rosie Phillips requested that as much advanced information that be shared, including the Directors Savings Plans and Impact Assessments if these are ready. This was seconded by Roger Driver.     


City of Bath Post Office Relocation


The Post Office have confirmed that the Bath Post Office Customer Forum we have organised a drop in session as part of the current public consultation on the move of Bath Post Office to the WH Smith Store in Union Street. This will be held on Thursday, 6 December, from 3pm until 7pm at Nexus Methodist Church, Nelson Place East, Bath BA1 5DA.