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5 mins


Agree Minutes of the previous meeting 27.03.18 pdf icon PDF 148 KB


The minutes of the previous were agreed by Councillor Rob Appleyard and seconded by Ben Palmer.



10 mins


Items Arising from previous meetings pdf icon PDF 238 KB

Virginia Williamson requested that time be given for a discussion on ‘How Consultation is carried out by B&NES Council’. It was agreed that this item will be included at the Bath City Forum Meeting on 17 July 2018. The outline for request to the agenda group is included with this agenda.



Consultation Agenda Item Request

The Chair explained that Virginia Williamson requested that time be given for a discussion on ‘How Consultation is carried out by B&NES Council’. It was agreed that this item will be included at the Bath City Forum Meeting on 17 July 2018. The outline for request to the agenda group was included with this meeting’s agenda.


Community Libraries

The Chair explained that there are two groups now actively working on Community Libraries in Bath, both Weston Village and Moorland Road is working on plans to take on the library provision in these locations. Contact Mark Hayward or Dave Dixon if further details are required


Boundary Review

Councillor Shaun Stephenson-McGall explained the consultation on proposals for new ward boundaries in the City of Bath have been reopened; further comments can be made at the Local Government Boundary Commission website:


Rob Appleyard explained that the comments that had been put forward in the initial consultation had been listened too and further comments should reflect this.


The Chair explained this had only come to light just before this meeting. Individual members can respond individually, the forum will not have time to discuss and agree a collective response.

10 mins


Fire and Rescue Update pdf icon PDF 110 KB


The Chair explained that at times operational duties prevent the Fire and Rescue the opportunity to attend meetings. A written update had been prepared and was available at the meeting.


Bath Police Update pdf icon PDF 91 KB


Inspector Sarah Treweek was present to take comments and questions on the latest B&NES Crime & Disorder statistics.


Sarah explained that the burglary figures are showing increases in line with the national position. The local picture does show that the figures spiked four weeks ago and are returning to normal following five individual arrests.

The picture with anti-social behaviour also appeared to have spiked before seven individuals were sent to prison. The void that was left has been filled by others who we are presently awaiting CPS decisions.


Bryn Jones - asked if the knife crimes that we have seen reported nationally is reflected in any of the local figures and if there is a more local Bath City Centre breakdown of the statistics?

Response – There is a trend in the youth violence numbers as seen in the anti-social behaviour figures. City Centre numbers can be made available.


Penny Coatsworth – asked if there is a local strategy to deal with the more noticeable presence of the street community?

Response – Numbers on the streets are up nationally and also in Bristol. There are measures in place for officers to deal with street sleepers, the local beat manager that covers Kingsmead Square has had real success in reducing numbers in that location. The issue is complex and moving people on only displaces them to other locations.


Robin Kerr – commented that FOBRA had recently met and heard about the surge in crimes in The Circus area of The City. It is pleasing to hear that arrests are being made.


Roger Driver – asked what are the difficulties and concerns around mental health issues in the City Centre. Is there a joined up working strategy that looks at the impact of the movement of individuals and how the voluntary sector can help?

Response – The Constabulary has carried out work with staff on dealing with people with mental health issues and it is an increasing issue, we are working closely with support services and agencies.


Roger asked if there are details available of the meaningful action that is taking place with the voluntary sector.

Response – The Beat Sergeants are working with partners, Sarah explained that she is happy to meet to further discuss this.


Rosie Phillips – commented that DHI are seeing an increase in severe mental health cases and this could be due to the rising threshold for cases. There is a task and targeting group where cases are discussed.


Cllr Shaun Stephenson-McGall – commented that there is a perception of who are the victims and perpetrators, there are young people and homeless people that are victims and society needs to support all victims.


Member of the Public – Can you see the link between youth disorder and the decline in the provision of youth services?

Response – There are pockets of youths / young people that cause issues. There are various options that can keep youths / young people engaged. There is an awareness of the cuts  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.

40 mins


Bath Clean Air Plan – Bath Breathes 2021 pdf icon PDF 326 KB

Cathryn Brown - Licensing and Environmental Protection (B&NES)

A presentation on the Bath Clean Air Plan – Bath Breathes 2021


Gillian Risbridger – Bath Living Streets (Project Update)

Clean air champions are urging drivers to stop idling, switch off their polluting engines and help Bath’s air quality as part of a new campaign


Robin Kerr – FOBRA

An update on the air quality discussions, which have taken place at meetings arranged by MP for Bath, Wera Hobhouse



Additional documents:


Cathryn Brown and her colleague’s presented the Bath Clean Air Plan – Bath Breathes 2021, if you wish to find more information on this then please visit the website:


Cathryn explained that the forum is the first to see the updated presentation.  The three options that are set out require robust governance and are fast evolving; the documents that have been produced so far are proposals that require feedback for development.


Gillian Risbridger updated the forum on the Bath Living Streets Group Anti Idling work; this included that call for more volunteers to help with the sessions on idling and more specific skills in PR, Press Releases and Training. Details of this project and contact details are available on the website:


Robin Kerr explained that The Transport and Pollution Conference for Bath will take place on Saturday 9th June. This follows on from two meetings that have been hosted by Wera Hobhouse MP to bring together the facts from a number of different people and organisations. Details of how to get involved are available through this link:


Question and comments:


Cllr Dine Romero to Cathryn Brown – Odd Down is an area that is seeing pollution issues that will worsen if we do nothing; there is a need to change people behaviours and to do so by use of the carrot rather than the stick option will need consideration.


Cllr Rob Appleyard to Cathryn Brown – The work that is being carried out by officers on this project is simply carrying out the instruction of government that needs to be achieved by 2021. The scheme covers only a small part of our City, the introduction of charges will see revenues being received up until 2021, and how then do we sustain this work?

Everybody has a right to clean air, not just the City Centre. Zones are not helpful, we are getting this wrong, and we should be looking to achieve a clean City status. 

There needs to be thought to; a process for individuals that experience difficulties; understanding how the traffic moves in and through the City; the issues that low earners will experience and how the wealthiest will not be concerned.

There are commercial impacts; tourism impacts; parking issues; rat run issues. There needs to be a City wide zone that aims to give us the badge of being a clean air City.


Ben Palmer to Gillian Risbridger – Have you approached the Universities to see how they could help with volunteers for the Stop Bath Idling Campaign? There are a number of areas that could be the source for helpers including the business degree programmes.

Response – Yes, there have been approaches to both the College and Universities but these lacked success because the timing was not right.


Cathryn Brown to Gillian Risbridger – With the results that you have been seeing so far; what are the reasons from the 15% of drivers that would not comply?

Response – These have varied but none  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.

20 mins


Fit for Life


The Fit for Life strategy has been in place since June 2014 and runs until 2019. The B&NES active lifestyle team are attending the forum to ask members to share good ideas that exist locally, where these are working well these could then be replicated them in other places.


The active lifestyle team wishes to pull together local ideas and understand any barriers that are preventing participation.



Martin Pellow attended the forum to explain the Council approach following on from the Fit for Life Strategy.


Fit for Life is the approach from B&NES Council which is looking to understand the activities that residents are taking part in to become more active. The idea is that everyday activities will be seen as an opportunity to move more and sit down less.


Where good ideas already exist there is keenness to harvest these and replicate them in other places. These could be ideas such as park run where over 500 people have taken part and the good gym where people’s fitness is being developed and communities come together.


Activities that people stay motivated in are normally where behaviour change has taken place. The benefit of being more active sees improvement in physical movement and mental health.


Many of the resources that already exist and need to be recognised, this could be outside facilities such as public rights of way, parks and Bathscape.


Through the Forum the Active Leisure Team wishes to pull together local ideas, embed activity in people’s life and understand any barriers that prevent participation.


The refurbishment at the Sports Centre in Bath continues, the swimming pool will reopen around this summer. There are successes in the new gym, new spaces created for social activities and new the ten pin bowling area.


Questions and Comments:


Cllr Dine Romero – (i) What can be done to help with the cost of electric bikes? (ii) How can practical solutions for partnership schemes be brought into poorer communities?

Response – (i) The Council and other employers are part of a scheme that bike retailers in the area are signed up to. This scheme allows employees to purchase bikes tax free through their pay being deducted over a period of time. The message might need to be pushed again if awareness has dropped off.  (ii) Bath can be challenging but cycling is a good option once people become confident, the Two Tunnels route is an accessible way of enjoying a safe place to cycle.


Virginia Williamson – The Good Gym has been brilliant with communities at communicating their work, the funding they receive stops in August 2018.

Response – The funding was originally for a 3 year programme and was expanded by a further year, the success is down to the activators input.


Cllr Peter Turner – The BBC has run Britain's Fat Fight with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall programmes recently that has looked at the obesity problem, could ideas included be lifted from this?


Nicolette Boater – Strategies will have a number of barriers that will have to be overcome, two key ones are finding time to exercise and the drop off when girls enter their teenage years.  The BBC programme showed ways that small nudges can be used to get people to make more active choices such as footprints on the floor that lead to stairs rather than the escalator.

Where problems are picked  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.

20 mins


Student Community Partnership pdf icon PDF 2 MB

The Student Community Partnership (or SCP) is a bridge between the University of Bath and its Students’ Union, Bath Spa University and its Students’ Union and Bath and North East Somerset Council. It supports student residents and permanent residents in coming together and living in the community of Bath.


The SCP campaigns for neighbourly relations, safety, sustainability and other aspects of community awareness. The partnership helps all residents to work together to benefit the community and ensures all residents have an active voice. The SCP also offers support when issues arise as we all live life together. The SCP is here for the community of Bath as we all have a share of our city.


Kalyn Mallard, SCP Community Liaison Co-ordinator and Ben Palmer, University, Bath Student Union are attending the forum to provide an overview and take questions about the work that the SCP are undertaking in Bath.  



Kalyn Mallard thanked the forum for the opportunity to present and also for the Community Empowerment Funding to financially support the Student Community Partnership (SCP) for the next 2 years. The SCP is a partnership between the University of Bath, Bath Spa University, their Students’ Unions and Bath and North East Somerset Council


The Co-ordinator role is funded by all the partners and works alongside them all in various capacities and organises quarterly meetings to discuss the work of the SCP which includes:

  Handling complaints regarding noise, waste and recycling and anti-social behaviour related to students in the community

  Working with several local councillors and officers at the Council on community projects and in handling complaints

  Managing and promoting positive campaigns

  Organising volunteering opportunities

  Planning community events


This role is predominantly focused on handling issues within the community:

Waste and recycling: 60 complaints reported to the SCP since September 2017

·  Emailing the students

·  Contacting BANES Waste Services

·  Education visits

Noise: 62 recorded directly to the SCP

·  Emailing the students with advice

·  Contacting BANES Environmental Protection Team

·  Property visits or meetings on campus

·  Disciplinary hearings at the university

Anti-social behaviour: 18 recorded, many repeat complaints about the bus stops

·  These are addressed through messages to students and meetings with students are identified

·  The majority of recorded complaints have been handled by the SCP without having to contact the Council


The Good Neighbour Campaign October 2017

·  The Purpose of the campaign is to encourage both student residents and permanent residents to introduce themselves to one another when they move in

·  For students, we offer a move-in checklist, tips for living in Bath and waste and recycling information, including how to order bins if necessary

·  This academic year, with the help of several volunteers, we door knocked over 1,000 properties around Bath, the majority in Oldfield Park

·  Most complaints I receive are a result of neighbours not introducing themselves to one another- such an important part of living in a community which is why we will aim to expand the campaign this coming October


The Pack for Good Campaign

·  Pack for Good is a Student Move Out Campaign which supports the British Heart Foundation by donating unwanted items in the temporary donation banks across Bath. This is our third year co-ordinating the campaign.

·  Last year, the campaign raised over £150,000 for the British Heart Foundation, with over 10,000 bags donated in Bath.

·  This year, there are 10 temporary banks in Bath, with more banks on the university campuses. While there have been concerns about aesthetics of the donation banks, Bath has raised over £36,000 already. This a tremendous increase from this time last year.

·  We are encouraging all residents of Bath to make use of the donation banks. They are temporary and will be removed this July


Joe Simmonds gave an explanation of the work on River Safety:

·  Working group of the Council, both Universities and Bath College to promote river safety, especially among students

·  Bath College students  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.

5 mins


CIL Update

Since the last forum meeting on 27 March 2018 the CIL working group has met to agree on revised application documents and the grant agreement documents. These are to be updated on the Council website.


No further funding applications were ready for recommendation at the time of this meeting. 


Cllr Colin Blackburn provided an overview since the last forum meeting


Since the last forum meeting on 27th March 2018 the CIL working group has met to agree on revised application documents and the grant agreement documents. These are to be updated on the Council website. A Monitoring Officer and Monitoring Agreements have been finalised and are now in place for all projects that are approved.


No further funding applications were ready for recommendation at the time of this meeting. There are 14 projects presently being worked by applicants or that we are awaiting further information.




5 mins


AOB pdf icon PDF 342 KB



A position has become available on the Bathscape Board for a representative from the Forum to join.

Nicolette Boater volunteered for the role; Mark Hayward will put Bathscape in touch with Nicolette.



The Forum has been asked if anybody knows of a task or organisation that can benefit from an offer made by onyx events that are looking for volunteering opportunities in Central Bath on 20th September for 4 groups of around 25 people, who will have around 3 hours to complete community set challenges.

Contact: Mike Plows, Manager, Bath & North East Somerset Volunteer Services | Mobile 07966161750 Landline 01225 477115


Forum Vision – Andrew Page

The forum members were asked to take part in sessions that will look at building a discreet vison that will set out what the forum is for in relation to the needs of the city. Working together on a vision will move us towards the setting of future agendas.

Cllr Colin Blackburn added that forward thinking and having input to a plan felt like the right direction we should take. Colin proposed that the forum engages in 1 or 2 active sessions, Mike Hill seconded this motion. 


Date for Future Meeting:

17th July 2018

Council Chamber – Guildhall Bath