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The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.




The Chair will draw attention to the emergency evacuation procedure as set out under Note 6.



The Chairman drew attention to the emergency evacuation procedure.





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At this point in the meeting declarations of interest are received from Members in any of the agenda items under consideration at the meeting. Members are asked to indicate:

(a) The agenda item number in which they have an interest to declare.

(b) The nature of their interest.

(c) Whether their interest is a disclosable pecuniary interest or an other interest,  (as defined in Part 2, A and B of the Code of Conduct and Rules for Registration of Interests)

Any Member who needs to clarify any matters relating to the declaration of interests is recommended to seek advice from the Council’s Monitoring Officer or a member of his staff before the meeting to expedite dealing with the item during the meeting.


There were none.




There was none.



Nicholas Tobin, Vice-Chair of FOBRA has requested to make a statement to the Panel regarding the Destination Marketing Plan.


Nicholas Tobin, Vice-Chairman, FoBRA and Luke Emmett had registered to make statements regarding agenda item 10 and would do so when the item was reached on the agenda.


MINUTES - 4th July 2017 pdf icon PDF 100 KB


Councillor Lisa O’Brien notified the Democratic Services Officer of an error on page three in relation to the Cabinet Member Update. She stated that it was Aster, not Asra who were involved in providing independent living flats in Fosseway and Midsomer Norton.


With that amendment in mind the Panel confirmed the minutes of the previous meeting as a true record and they were duly signed by the Chairman.


Cabinet Member Update

The Cabinet Member(s) will update the Panel on any relevant issues. Panel members may ask questions on the update(s) provided.



Councillor Bob Goodman, Cabinet Member for Development addressed the Panel, a summary of his update is set out below.




He announced that a Revised Houses in Multiple Occupation SPD Consultation had just begun and would run from 4th September – 13th October 2017. He added that the deadline had been set to capture the responses of local students and he confirmed that the Student Union was engaged in the process.


Article 4 Direction – Offices to Residential Use


He informed the Panel that the Council were considering implementing an Article 4 Direction to address the implications of the removal of permitted development rights on the conversion of offices to residential uses in Bath. He explained that this proposal would be subject to a 12 month consultation period.


Joint Spatial Plan


He stated that the Joint Spatial Plan would be on the agenda for the Council at its meeting on November 9th and would contain details of the proposed housing numbers across the four Local Authorities including affordable housing. He said that he felt that all political groups should be briefed by officers about the Plan prior to the Council meeting.




He informed the Panel that the decision made by the Development Management Committee had not yet been called in by the Secretary of State.


Councillor Colin Blackburn asked regarding the proposed Article 4 Direction if there would be an identified trigger point within the 12 months of consultation whereby it would be implemented sooner.


Councillor Bob Goodman replied that within the next month he hoped to be provided with the likely number of conversions from officers, at which point he would discuss with them the actions required.


Councillor Paul Myers, Cabinet Member for Economic and Community Regeneration addressed the Panel, a summary of his update is set out below.


Homelessness Reduction Act


He informed the Panel that the Act will give new duties to local authorities to prevent homelessness and that it was likely to commence in April 2018. He added that the Act would represent a shift in focus to early intervention, and aim to encourage local housing authorities to act quickly and proactively. He said that guidance from Government was expected in Spring 2018.


He stated the Council’s annual rough sleep estimate would be carried out soon.


Local Shops Action Plan


He explained that the Council has commenced with a project to produce a new Local Shops Action Plan aimed at supporting local traders in shopping districts, town centres and high streets across the area. He said that the Council will seek to produce the new Action Plan in consultation with local business groups, bringing together a range measures aimed at supporting and promoting the area’s shops and traders and boosting footfall on local high streets.


He stated that the new Action Plan aims to cover all the key shopping districts in Bath & North East Somerset, from Bath city centre, to local high streets and town centres across the district.


Housing Infrastructure Fund


He informed  ...  view the full minutes text for item 20.


Private Rented Sector (inc HMO) Enforcement pdf icon PDF 85 KB

This report sets out the current enforcement priorities of Housing Services and gives the level of activity within each area.

Additional documents:


The Team Manager for Standards & Improvement introduced this to the Panel. He stated that a number of revisions are proposed to take account of policy updates and changes to legislation following a recent review of the existing policy, these include:


·  Financial Penalties for some offences covered by the Housing Act 2004;

·  A clarification of the circumstances when a criminal prosecution will be recommended for non-compliance with Housing law.


He explained that the policy refers to the new sanction of a financial penalty, which is to be considered as an alternative to prosecution for some Housing Act 2004 offences. He said that a financial penalty may typically be appropriate for offences where the offender has not co-operated with the Council or where there is a serious or flagrant breach of the law and a significant financial penalty is the most effective and appropriate sanction. He added that the penalty must be used as an alternative to prosecution and therefore the same level of proof of evidence is required and should be in the public interest.


He stated that the penalty can range from £50 to £30,000 depending on the severity of the offence and is issued by the Council direct to the offender.  An appeal to the First Tier Tribunal is available on the justification and amount of penalty.


He informed the Panel that the scope of mandatory HMO licensing is expected to expand later this year to include all HMOs with 5 or more occupants, which could increase the number in B&NES significantly. He added that an investigation is also under way to determine whether there is a still a case for Additional HMO Licensing going forward and that this would be the subject of a further report in the near future.


Councillor Colin Blackburn asked if following the review would the status of offences that would have previously received a ‘Simple Caution’ change.


The Team Manager for Standards & Improvement replied that similar offences now could be considered to incur a financial penalty.


Councillor Colin Blackburn asked what impact the changes will have on the department.


The Team Manager for Standards & Improvement replied that the increase in mandatory licensing and potential additional licensing increase would obviously impact the department greatly with the likelihood of 3,000 HMOs being identified within Bath (City).


Councillor Lisa O’Brien commented that it would appear in the best interest of the Council to seek financial penalties rather than prosecution as it does not receive directly any fine imposed following prosecution. She asked how the Council would be able show impartiality in making their decisions. She said that the financial penalties should also have teeth to act as a real deterrent.


The Team Manager for Standards & Improvement replied that a public consultation on these policies with landlords, letting agents and other local authorities is proposed. He added that the fine would be dependent on the offence and that there was the right to an appeal.


He said that a Leadership Team would assess the evidence gathered  ...  view the full minutes text for item 21.


Destination Management Plan

The Panel will receive a presentation on this item at the meeting.


Jim Oribine, Visit Bath introduced this item to the Panel by giving them a presentation. A copy of the presentation can be found on the Minute Book and as an online appendix to these minutes, a summary of the presentation is set out below.


A Destination Management Plan (DMP) for Bath and North East Somerset (2017 – 2022)


The DMP is a roadmap for stakeholders in tourism in Bath and North East Somerset

It marshals the evidence, considers the issues and seeks to provide a robust, realistic and forward looking plan in a succinct and clear document which partners can endorse.



·  Process managed by Bath Tourism Plus on behalf of B&NES.

·  Steering Group comprising representatives from the public sector and private sector businesses.


Consultation & Research


·  Wide consultation with individuals, sector groups, and B&NES councillors

·  An enterprise survey with local tourism businesses

·  Site visits to observe key facilities and services in the city and the surrounding area


Evidence Base


·  The performance and economic impact of tourism in Bath and North East Somerset, including visitor profiles

·  Competitor analysis

·  The policy context for tourism – locally, regionally and nationally

Significance of the visitor economy


·  An estimated 9,358 people employed in tourism across B&NES, around 10% of total employment

·  The total annual expenditure associated with tourism trips to the B&NES area is £436.09m

·  6.2% average annual increase in direct spend by domestic staying visitors in recent years


DMP Proposition


·  An overarching Vision for the destination

·  5 Aims for tourism development in Bath & North 
  East Somerset

·  5 Strategic Objectives as a framework for action

·  A series of Priorities for Action


The Vision


“Bath fully delivers on its potential as an iconic visitor destination on the international stage; a vibrant 21st century spa and wellbeing resort that capitalises on the city’s cultural heritage, World Heritage Site status and its connections with the surrounding rural landscape.”




·  To strengthen the local economy and spread prosperity throughout Bath and North East Somerset by growing the year-round value of tourism in a sustainable manner

·  To strengthen the appreciation and conservation of Bath as a World Heritage Site together with the area’s wider historic, cultural and natural assets

·  To foster and sustain distinctive high quality local businesses

·  To enhance the quality of life of local residents, through improved facilities, services, environment and experiences

·  To provide visitors with a high quality and fulfilling experience, encouraging longer stays and more return visits


Target Visitor Markets


·  Domestic short breakers – with an emphasis on Sundays -Thursdays when there is capacity in all parts of the sector

·  Overseas visitors – with an emphasis on European markets France and Germany, and long-haul USA

·  Day visitors – from home & on holiday elsewhere, eg London

·  Family market - wanting a rural holiday with family-friendly attractions, events and activities and/or to visit Bath

·  Local residents and those visiting friends and relatives

·  Business tourism


Strategic Objectives


·  Compelling promotion: To present Bath and the rest of North East Somerset, its distinctive assets and  ...  view the full minutes text for item 22.

Presentation - Destination Management Plan for Bath and North East Somerset pdf icon PDF 544 KB

Nicholas Tobin FoBRA pdf icon PDF 137 KB

Luke Emmett pdf icon PDF 67 KB


Panel Workplan pdf icon PDF 109 KB

This report presents the latest workplan for the Panel. Any suggestions for further items or amendments to the current programme will be logged and scheduled in consultation with the Panel’s Chair and supporting officers.



The Chairman introduced this item to the Panel. He informed them that he had been contacted by the Group Manager for Policy & Environment to ask if the Panel wished to receive a report on either the West of England Joint Spatial Plan or B&NES Local Plan Options consultation at their November meeting.


The Panel discussed this proposal and decided that they would like to have a report on the B&NES Local Plan Options consultation and allow for any comments they may have on the West of England Joint Spatial Plan to be raised at Council on November 9th.


Councillor Barry Macrae requested that the Panel receive a report regarding the status of the Somer Valley Enterprise Zone.


Councillor Colin Blackburn requested that the Panel receive a report regarding Broadband Provision.


Councillor Lisa O’Brien asked if the Panel could receive an update regarding Foxhill.


Councillor Colin Blackburn asked if the Panel could receive two briefing notes, one relating to the Additional Licensing Scheme for HMOs and one in relation to the issue of Party Houses.


The Panel RESOLVED to approve all of these proposals.