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Quarter 4 year end 2020/21 Corporate Performance report

Meeting: 14/07/2022 - Cabinet (Item 27)

27 Quarter 4 year end 2020/21 Corporate Performance report pdf icon PDF 333 KB

The attached report gives an update on the progress made against a key set of strategic performance measures, which assess the Council’s progress on delivering the Corporate Strategy and key aspects of service delivery.


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Cllr Kevin Guy introduced the report, moved the officer recommendation and highlighted the following achievements of the administration which have been possible due to strong financial management:


·  Building a new state of the art recycling hub

·  Investing £14m to improve and maintain highways

·  17,894 calls received by the Community Wellbeing Hub

·  Developing 6 new residents’ parking zones

·  A reduction of 66% in carbon emissions from Council buildings since 2010

·  Investing over £900k in cleaner green neighbourhoods

·  Recruiting more foster carers

·  3.100 new homes including 700 affordable homes in the last 3 years

·  Allocating more than £38m over the next 5 years to drive down carbon emissions

·  33,000 trees planted on Council and private land since 2020

·  Building the first ever Council homes for a generation


He thanked all Council staff and Cabinet members for their hard work in delivering these achievements.


Cllr Tom Davies seconded the motion.  He stated that the report contains a vast amount of interesting information about the work of the Council which demonstrates how much is going on.


RESOLVED (unanimously):


(1)  To note progress on the delivery of key aspects of the Council’s service delivery, details of which are highlighted in section 3.6 and Annex 1 of the report.


(2)  To note the level of service activity for 2021/22 highlighted in the infographic presentation at Annex 2 of the report.