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Welcome and Introductions

Meeting: 26/01/2022 - Cabinet (Item 123)

Welcome and introductions



The Chair, Cllr Kevin Guy, welcomed everyone watching and participating at the virtual Cabinet meeting and made the following statement:


Due to the ongoing Covid situation and a desire to retain a level of social distancing at Council meetings at this time, we are holding this ‘informal’ virtual Cabinet meeting to enable Cabinet, Councillors and members of the public to take part.  This virtual meeting will be conducted in the normal manner but, as any decisions made will not be legally enforceable, they will be formally made at the physically reduced, quorate decision-making meeting tomorrow on 27 January 2022.  We will review this approach for any future Cabinet meetings, in line with government and health guidance at that time.

He confirmed that members of the public and Councillors would be able to ask questions and make statements on any issue relevant to the Council and/or the Bath and North East Somerset area at the next meeting on 10 February.