Executive post

Cabinet Single member decisions are made by Cabinet Members individually, details of these items are published in the Executive Forward Plans and are managed via the Weekly list process.

Cabinet Member for Transport Services


Cllr Butters

Cllr Wright

Emergency Management:


  • Civil Contingencies Act – Responder 1 statutory duties, includes:


  • Business Continuity Planning/Management

  • Emergency Planning, inc training/testing arrangements

  • Risk Assessment

  • Inform, Warn, Advice Public

  • Cooperate


  • CCTV
  • Fire Authority


Highway Maintenance:


  • Winter Gritting
  • Highway Emergencies
  • Maintenance & Resurfacing works
  • Roads, footways, Bridges & Structures, Street lighting


Development Control:


  • Development, approval, supervision of works
  • Rail (inc Community rail partnerships), Mass Transit




  • Parking enforcement 
  • Bus lane enforcement




Traffic Management & Network Management:


  • Road Safety, inc school crossing patrols
  • Cycling and Walking
  • Traffic Management (inc signals and signs)
  • Street Works Coordination
  • Traffic Regulation Orders/Road Closures


Sustainable Travel:


  • Cycling and walking policy and strategy
  • Travel plans including schools
  • Behaviour change




  • Public Rights of Way (PROW)


Public and Passenger Transport:


  • Mainstream and SEND home to school transport
  • Adult social care transport
  • Bath Dial-a-rider, shared taxi services
  • Park and Ride Services
  • Bus Stop Maintenance


The following is likely to transfer to WECA as part of the Integrated Transport Authority Project (19/20):


  • Cllr Wright to be Lead Member for Integrated Transport Authority


  • Non-commercial bus services
  • Bus information
  • Concessionary Travel
  • Community Transport




  • Residents parking, including zones and permits (could and should include the direct link to low traffic neighbourhoods)
  • Blue badges including legislation changes, enforcement and independent mobility assessments
  • Car park provision and maintenance
  • EV Charging
  • Car club provision




  • Clean Air Zone Enforcement



Shared elements of the port-folio:


  • National Policy Development, including parking
  • Sub-regional and regional working (WECA, Sub-National Transport Body)
  • Sub-regional sustainable travel projects (WECA).  Neil to lead on rail/Mass transit, Jo to lead on Bus Strategy.  Joint role -  investment priorities
  • Buses/Public Transport – Neil Rural Focus, Jo Urban/Bath Focus
  • Highways and Transportation Strategy and Policy Development, including parking strategy and charging policies
  • Highway and Transportation Capital Programme
  • Transport Planning and Policy
  • Transport modelling and studies


Accountable Director: Environment.


Overall Lead: Corporate Director (Place).



Post is held by