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Decisions published

04/12/2018 - Neighbourhoods CCTV equipment ref: 1171    Approved

The capital allows the new installation of CCTV at the Ashmead Road Recycling Depot and the renewal of a redundant system at Haycombe Cemetery

Decision Maker: Director Environment

Decision published: 14/12/2018

Effective from: 04/12/2018


To fully approve capital amounting to £44k from the provisional capital programme item "Neighbourhoods CCTV" of £44k

Lead officer: Carol Maclellan

30/11/2018 - Oldfield School - Capital Contribution for Expansion Project ref: 1167    Approved

The Council retains the legal responsibility for pupil place planning and has a statutory duty to provide sufficient school places for every child who is resident and requires a place. Due to an increasing demand for secondary school places in the Greater Bath Consortium (GBC) and following discussions with Council Officers, Oldfield School put forward a proposal that the Council supports a Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) bid they are submitting to the DfE which would enable the school to expand their current accommodation and allow them to admit additional pupils in the future. The current Planned Admission Number (PAN) is 180 and will rise to 224 once works have been completed.
CIF is allocated on an annual basis by the DfE direct to academies and free schools to support condition and expansion projects. Oldfield School is an academy.
To allocate £282,000 from provisionally approved 2018-19 Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funds to support Oldfield School’s bid to deliver additional places.
Failure to provide sufficient places in the right areas will result in the Council failing in its statutory duty; parents and children being required to travel out of their locality to attend another school; increased transport (revenue) costs and schools being unable to take local children.

Decision Maker: Corporate Director (People)

Decision published: 03/12/2018

Effective from: 30/11/2018


To fully approve capital amounting to £282,000 to support Oldfield School's Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) bid they are submitting to the DfE which will enable the school to expand their current accommodation and allow then to admit additional pupils in the future.

Lead officer: Mike Bowden

13/11/2018 - Welcome and Matters arising from the last meeting ref: 1144    Approved

Decision Maker: Bath City Forum

Made at meeting: 13/11/2018 - Bath City Forum

Decision published: 28/11/2018

Effective from: 13/11/2018


Councillor Colin Blackburn welcomed Enya Jane Battersby to her first meeting of The Bath City Forum. Enya explained that she is a resident in Bath and undertakes a number of roles in the City, this include being an advocate for student safety and student housing, that she is a member of the SCP and has an understanding of the divisions that high levels of students bring to the City.


Councillor Sue Craig was introduced as the replacement representative for the Liberal Democrats who takes over from Andrew Furse.


Apologies were recorded in the attendance record.


The minutes from the 18th September 2018 meeting were agreed by Robin Kerr and seconded by Councillor Peter Turner.


Councillor Colin Blackburn responded to matters that had arisen through an e-mail received from Nicolette Boater which commented on a number of issues at the previous meeting:


The first point raised was regarding Ben Palmer seconding the minutes from (17.07.18) at the last meeting (18.09.18) – It was agreed that at future meetings we ask for persons who was present at the previous meeting approves and seconds the minutes.


Point two - it was confirmed that the Bath City Forum minutes can be agreed and seconded by any forum member weather they are a Councillor or Co-optee.


Point three – it was confirmed that the word second or seconded is a recognised term for the approval of minutes (the terms that parliament uses asks for is an approver and a seconder).


Point four – it was confirmed that the election of the Chair and Vice Chair allows for all members to nominate and vote. At the meeting on 18th September Cllr Bob Goodman attended as the Cabinet Representative and the thirteenth Councillor member, who sit alongside the 13 Co-opted members. The Bath City Forum Terms of Reference make only one exclusion on the Cabinet Member; this is that they are not able to stand as Chair of the Bath City Forum.


Point five – was a suggestion that the submission of nominations be made five working days in advance of the Bath City Forum AGM for both Chair and Vice Chair nominations. It was confirmed that any change will require a motion to be raised for a change to be made to the standing orders, this could be put forward at a future agenda setting meeting. Once on a future agenda this would need to be put to the Bath City Forum as a motion for them to vote upon.


The sixth point raised was regarding forum development. It was confirmed that Andrew Page has been working alongside the Chair and Vice Chair on this work stream. This work has yet to conclude, this could morph into a task and finish group if there is the desire for members of the forum to take this on.


09/11/2018 - Delegated Changes to the West of England Joint Spatial Plan ref: 1161    Approved

To respond to the examination Inspectors’ request
To provide further evidence to support the Councils’ position at the forthcoming hearings

Decision Maker: Chief Executive

Decision published: 28/11/2018

Effective from: 09/11/2018


To make provisional changes to the West of England Joint Spatial Plan

Lead officer: Martin Shields