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Decisions published

15/03/2018 - Proposed closure of the remaining two Council run Nurseries ref: 1080    Approved

The local authority does not have a statutory duty to directly provide nursery places, and therefore it now seems prudent to allow the provision of nursery placements to be taken on by the private sector.

Decision Maker: Cabinet Member - Children and Young People

Decision published: 15/03/2018

Effective from: 23/03/2018


The Cabinet Member agrees;


A)  With the proposal for the two children’s nurseries to close, while staff work with local private nurseries and other providers including child minders to ensure where possible, appropriate levels of placement sufficiency in both areas. In addition, staff will work with parents to ensure a smooth transition of placements over the coming months to ensure all young children have identified nursery or child care placements.

B)  To approve the likely staff redundancy costs which are currently estimated at £105k for staff that do not transfer to other posts within the council. In addition, the report requests agreement to dispose of surplus assets; Radstock nursery portable building, and nursery rooms/accommodation at St. Martin’s Garden School.

Lead officer: Richard Baldwin

08/03/2018 - Provision of Catering services to Schools ref: 1079    Approved

Consideration of ceasing to provide catering services to schools from September 2018.

Decision Maker: Cabinet Member - Finance and Efficiency

Decision published: 09/03/2018

Effective from: 17/03/2018


The Cabinet Members agree that:


1.  Agree that as it is estimated that only a few of the 81 schools in the area will now use this service from 1st September 2018, and as the economics of this service now make it unviable in its present form, the Council role as a direct provider of school meals will cease operation on 31st August 2018, in line with the operational plan of the council.


2.  Schools that still use  the service will be advised of the changes and supported to find alternative suppliers

Lead officer: Richard Morgan

05/03/2018 - Microwave replacement for CCTV operations ref: 1077    Approved

S106 draw down approval is required from 13/01780/EOUT – Former Cadbury factory, Cross St, Keynshamto support improved and reliable CCTV provision to the area.

Decision Maker: Cabinet Member - Finance and Efficiency

Decision published: 05/03/2018

Effective from: 13/03/2018


The Cabinet Members agree to:-


Approve an additional item to the capital programme in order to release of Section 106 funding from the Cadbury development plan in the sum of £88,638 in order to replace the microwave link and provide new cameras as specified.

Lead officer: Ian Savigar

05/03/2018 - Fees and Charges 2018/19 - Highways and Traffic ref: 1078    Approved

The purpose of the report is to obtain agreement to the fees and charges for specified services provided within the Highways and Traffic Service.

Decision Maker: Cabinet Member - Transport and Environment

Decision published: 05/03/2018

Effective from: 13/03/2018


The Cabinet Member agrees that


1.  The recommendation for the new fees, charges and commuted sums for relevant services - as proposed in Appendix 1 and 2

2.  The License fees listed in Appendix 1 will be non refundable.

3.  That these are to be implemented on 1st April 2018.

4.  That delegated authority be given to the Highways and Traffic Group Manager in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Transport to agree fees and charges which vary from the standard inflation clause, if the cost base changes or new services are introduced, and that this can be done at 6 month intervals if external factors influence the cost base significantly throughout the financial year

Lead officer: Gary Peacock