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Decisions published

04/06/2021 - Neighbourhood Services - Asset & Vehicle Replacement Programme 2021/22 ref: 1551    Approved

To move provisional capital sum of £1.378m to fully approved for the procurement of vehicles and plant to replace end of life units in 2021/22. This project will ensure that the specialist fleet vehicles and standard vehicles used by frontline services within the Council continue to be managed effectively and efficiently using vehicles and plant built to the latest standards and regulations regarding safety and emissions, operate with greater fuel efficiency and meet the changing requirements of the evolving services.
These replacement vehicles and plant are for key frontline services such as the collection of waste and recycling, cleansing, maintenance of parks and open spaces and other services such as Highways and Heritage. There are several specialist vehicles and plant along with some standard vans. The vehicles will all be fitted with the latest specification of engines leading to reduced emissions and better fuel efficiency. Stop/Start technology and electric vehicles will also be considered for the non-specialist vehicles reducing our carbon footprint. The replacement of the vehicles allows each team to step back and assess what are the best vehicles to achieve their required outcomes through changing service demands and not just replace on a 'like for like' basis.

Decision Maker: Director Environment

Decision published: 16/06/2021

Effective from: 04/06/2021


The 2021/22 capital programme agreed at February 2021 cabinet has a provisional capital allocation of £1.378m for the Assets

Lead officer: Martin Hellyer

08/06/2021 - RULE 16 Appendix G to Discretionary Rates Relief Policy ref: 1554    Approved

Update to the Discretionary Rates Relief Policy allowing for further discounts to be applied in 2021/22 financial year

Decision Maker: Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Resources

Decision published: 08/06/2021

Effective from: 08/06/2021


The Cabinet Member agrees to approve the proposal relating to these reliefs in the attached Appendix G.

Lead officer: Rob Brunton

08/06/2021 - RULE 15 Proposed sale of land at East Keynsham for a planned Primary School ref: 1553    Approved

The report covers the background to the proposed transfer, identifies the benefits arising from this and addresses key financial, legal and other considerations.

Decision Maker: Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Resources

Decision published: 08/06/2021

Effective from: 08/06/2021


The Cabinet Members agree that authority is delegated to the Head of Estates to complete the transfer of the asset at less than best consideration.

Lead officer: Hayley Ponsford

07/06/2021 - Delegation of Management of Interests In Real Property ref: 1552    Approved


The Council is required to authorise suitably qualified officers to discharge functions and activities on behalf of the organisation.

Decision Maker: Chief Executive

Decision published: 06/06/2021

Effective from: 07/06/2021


Delegations on behalf of the Chief Operating Officer:

I hereby delegate for the period 2021/22 the officers acting up into the positions of Maintenance Manager and Construction/Projects Manager to sign property interest forms, to approve and execute licences and/or consents associated with the delivery of maintenance and construction activity, on behalf of the council.

Lead officer: Mandy Bishop

02/06/2021 - Capital Programme increase by £716k for Green Affordable Warmth Grant ref: 1550    For Determination

To raise the energy efficiency rating of the homes of low income and low EPC rated households with the aim of improving homes towards EPC C and above. This should save households money while keeping warm; cut carbon emissions; and create green jobs.

Decision Maker: Director Partnership & Corporate Services

Decision published: 03/06/2021

Effective from: 02/06/2021


To fully approve capital amounting to £716k for the Affordable Warmth Grant Scheme which will be funded by Green Homes Grant – Local Authority Delivery (£676k) and Affordable Warmth Grant (£40k).

Lead officer: Maria Newton