Venue: Freshford Village Memorial Hall - Freshford Lane, Freshford, Somerset, BA2 7UR.. View directions

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Note No. Item

5 mins


Welcome and Apologies

The current Chair of Cam Valley Forum will open the meeting.


The Chair will ask for agreement for the minutes taken at the last meeting which took place on 14th February 2019.


Apologies received:

Cllr Michelle O’Doherty

Cllr Mark Roper

Cllr Matthew McCabe

Englishcombe Parish Clerk



5 mins



The current Chair of Cam Valley Forum is John Adler from Freshford Parish Council. The position of Vice Chair is currently not filled.


The forum members will need to identify who they wish to be the new Chair for the Bathavon North Forum. The vacancy of Vice Chair has not been filled in previous years but remains open to nominations should there be interest from members wishing to stand.


In the event of more than one person being nominated for the posts of Chair and/or Vice Chair there will need to be a ballot. Each Parish Council and each B&NES Ward Councillor will have one vote for both of the positions.


30 mins


B&NES Council - The new administration's priorities

Councillor Romero, Leader of the Council, who will provide an update which outlines the new council administration’s priorities, including addressing the climate emergency and giving people a greater say in decision-making.

80 mins


Climate Emergency

The forum is taking the opportunity to give the majority of this agenda to deal with the topic of climate emergency. This will be an opportunity to learn from groups that will be able to demonstrate some of the steps that are being taken locally and to encourage each individual to consider what contribution they are able to make.” 


Bradford on Avon Town Council will be attending the forum to discuss what they have achieved since declaring a climate emergency in their local area. It is hoped that we will be able to inspire more local councils and communities to rise to this important challenge.


Councillor Sarah Warren, Cabinet Member for Climate Emergency for Bath and North East Somerset will be attending the meeting to take part in the discussions. There will also be an opportunity to also hear who Freshford School battled for agreement to fit solar panels and a discussion on rural transport issues


An open session will also be held during which residents will be given the opportunity to put questions to councillors and officers.


  • Freshford School – 15 mins
  • Galleries Solar Panels – 15 mins
  • B&NES Council – 15 minutes
  • Bradford on Avon Town Council – 20 mins
  • Open Discussion – 15 mins