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Venue: Bathampton Methodist Church Hall - Holcombe Lane (next to the Village Hall). View directions

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5 mins


Welcome from the new Chair pdf icon PDF 116 KB

The Bathavon Forum has a new Chair, Councillor Kevin Guy who will be taking over duties for his first meeting.


The Chair will ask Bathavon North Forum Members to agree the minutes as an accurate record of the previous meeting which took place on 3rd September 2019.


Councillor Kevin Guy opened the meeting and welcomed everybody to his first meeting as the Chair.


The minutes of the meeting that took place 3rd September 2019 were agreed and seconded as an accurate record.



20 mins


Corporate Strategy and Budget Update

As part of the council’s commitment to giving local people a bigger say, we have held two public events where the Council’s Cabinet set out their priorities and financial plans.

This will be an opportunity to ask questions and to find out how to feedback through the consultation that is currently being run.


The forum heard from Councillor Richard Samuel, B&NES Council Cabinet Member for Resources and Will Godfrey, B&NES Chief Executive regarding the work that has been taking place on Corporate and Budget Planning.  The presentation used is available on the Bathavon North Forum Website.. To view the council’s plans and to submit feedback (before 24th January 2020) visit:


Questions and Comments: -

Q1. With the introduction of the clean air zone later this year, can the income that will be generated be put into dealing with issues such as supporting social housing tenants in making improvements to their heating boilers. There are older 1960’s style buildings in Bath that suffer with damp and mould due to not turning heating on because of fuel poverty. 

Response to Q1. Most of the social housing in the area is in the control Curo, the council transferred all the council house stock to them many years ago.  We have very little influence of Curo, but we can try to influence through energy saving measures that we are promoting to our residents. When new housing stock is built, we will be able to capture energy standards through our planning policy process. New social housing differs greatly from what was being offered 30-40 years ago, there is now a balance, as when higher standards are introduced it impacts on the rents charged or borrowing costs.

The clean air zone income will be used for implementation and running costs if there were to be any revenue remaining this would need to be used to support addition measures that fall within the scheme. The council are not allowed to divert revenue into other service areas.

Park and Ride Services are currently being charged fares that are imbalanced, this will need to be addressed. The current contract is up for renewal and gives us the opportunity to make changes and look at increasing the capacity figures for use.


Q2. The effects of doing business from a local outlying area of Bath has difficulties with the links to the movement points for getting around the City. If we are looking to increase regional economic activity, we need to create ways of being productive in local places. Where there are not local bus services or alternatives near to our homes the ability to function productively is difficult. I am doing my part in looking to make changes to how I do things. Transport needs improvement and I plea to the council to work on this vital infrastructure that is needed to attract business and people to the area.

Response to Q2. First Bus manage most bus services in the local area, the services are under pressure due to the roads being congested and creating unreliable services to bus users. The blockages around the city need to be identified and unlocked to get the services moving.  

The Council are not alone in dealing with the economic challenges that face the area, people will need to change behaviours to  ...  view the full minutes text for item 2.

45 mins


Climate Emergency

Fiona Meldrum will present on the work at Bathampton School that has just got them a gold award for safer routes to school.


Cllr Sarah Warren B&NES Cabinet Member for Climate Emergency and Neighbourhood Services and Jane Wildblood B&NES Corporate & Community Sustainability Manager will be attending to take part in a discussion on the Climate Emergency.


An open session for attendees to put forward questions and suggestions.



Climate Emergency was the main topic for the meeting and the forum heard presentations from Fiona Meldrum who presented the work that has taken place at Bathampton School which has seen the school awarded the gold standard award for safer routes to school. Councillor Sarah Warren, B&NES Cabinet Member for Climate Emergency and Neighbourhood Services along with Jane Wildblood B&NES Corporate & Community Sustainability Manager presented on the Council work on Climate Emergency and took part in a discussion with the forum. The presentations used are available on the Bathavon North Forum Website.


Several points were raised in the discussions that took place following the presentations:

·  The dangerous crossing points on faster road do become a barrier on safe walking routes.

·  When bus routes do not join up it makes it much less appealing as an alternative option. For some the car then remains the obvious choice.

·  A school’s climate change group has been set up, this will be looking into secondary school transport and the scale of the problem. The cost of running buses is high expense, we do however need to find ways to make quick fixes.  

·  The data that shows where schools pupils are travelling from has been missing. It is a complicated picture that needs to be addressed.


Community organisations across Bath and North East Somerset that are taking action to tackle the climate and nature emergency are being asked to share their activities in a new online survey (closing date 10th February 2020)  -


Some useful links that were discussed at the forum meeting are included below:

Responding to the Climate Emergency in B&NES

Parish Councils - resources for responding to the Climate and Nature Emergency

Plastic Free Communities

Energy at Home Advice Service 

Neighbourhood Planning in B&NES


15 mins


Environmental Maintenance Staff

Cllr Kevin Guy will introduce an idea around how Parish Councils in Bathavon North can work in together to pay for environmental maintenance staff specific to their area, this would also look at how a work program could be managed through the Bathavon North Forum.



Kevin asked the Parish Councils in Bathavon North to consider working together to introduce the role of environmental maintenance staff who would on the needs specific to their area. The idea will require some additional work with Parish Councils and Council Officers to scope out the remit and costings for the scheme.


Several points were raised in the discussion:

·  The idea would require a group of parishes that would employ and deploy the member of staff.

·  The scheme would operate through the buy in of parish councils by using their precept.

·  Parish Rangers were trialled and considered to be a success, due to internal issues in the past the scheme failed to be taken forward.

·  The role would see a more visible presence in local areas and quick access when incidents need to be dealt with.

·  Wiltshire run similar schemes that appear to run very well.


Once additional work has taken place on the idea,  a proposal will be brought back to a future forum meeting.

5 mins


AOB & Future Agenda Topics

Topics for next meeting:


·  Empty Properties – Council Officer, Debbie Freeman will be attending to provide information on what can be done to bring empty homes back into use.


·  Bathampton Meadows - Council Officer, Mark Minkleywill be attending to provide an update on the future of Bathampton Meadows.


·  Attendees are welcomed to suggest additional topics for future meetings.






The forum will next meet on 17th February 2020, two topics are scheduled for this meeting: Bathampton Meadows - Council Officer, Mark Minkley will be attending to provide an update on the future of Bathampton Meadows and Empty Properties – Council Officer, Debbie Freeman will be attending to provide information on what can be done to bring empty homes back into use. The Bathavon Forum meetings are always open to the public, as always, we encourage information about the meetings to be shared across your networks.