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Venue: Kaposvar Room - Guildhall, Bath. View directions

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5 mins


Matters arising from the meeting on 22nd November 2018

The forum Chair will ask attendees for any matters that have arisen since the last meeting of the forum on 22nd November 2018.


The discussion on consultation that took place at the forum on 22nd November 2018 is being followed up with a workshop on 26th January 2019 where representatives from all of the B&NES Community Forums will be attending.


The forum were reminded that following on from the budget meeting that took place last December there are further opportunities to engage at Council meetings. The detail below were been circulated within the agenda for this meeting.


Report - Organisational Plan 2019/20


Appendix 1 – Core Services Offer


Appendix 2 - Budget Savings and Income Generation Proposals


Appendix 3 – New and Emerging Capital programme


Appendix 4 – Working together on our Budget, our plans and our communities - Q&As from Forum meetings



The key dates are as follows.  Please follow these links to see the covering reports for each meeting



  • Communities, Transport and Environment Policy Development and Scrutiny Panel – 21st January 2019




  • Resources Policy Development and Scrutiny Panel – 4th February 2019 – this meeting will include a round-up of the previous scrutiny panel meetings held in January.




Members of the public can speak at any of the above meetings for a maximum of 3 mins.  However you are required to give notice to speak.  More information is available via this link.


5 mins


Agreement of the minutes of the meeting on 22nd November 2018 pdf icon PDF 90 KB

The forum chair will ask for the minutes to be agreed and seconded by forum members that were present at the meeting of 22nd November 2018.


The minutes of the meeting on 22nd November 2018 were agreed, one amendment was required as Hugh Baker was not listed as an attendee.

20 mins


Police Update pdf icon PDF 928 KB

Our local police representative will provide information on the latest crime statistics and will take questions from the forum.


Sergeant Jon Raisey from Avon & Somerset police was present to provide the forum with an update on the crime statistics for the Bathavon North Area.


Points raised were as follows:-

·  Burglary numbers fluctuate when know criminals become active again after being released from prison.

·  The number of weapons offences reported can become affected when there is lesser numbers of stop and search taking place.

·  A robbery is recorded separate to burglary as robberies involve the use of force.

·  The volume of cases of violence against a person is generally a higher level of incidents as the sorts of occurrences include threats, verbal abuse and stalking, often ‘tit for tat occurrences’ take place between neighbours. The actual figure on the report should read incidents have reduces from 475 to 431.


County Lines incidents are dealt with by a team of six officers who work in plain clothes. An approach is taken to investigate where people from outside the local area move in and then target vulnerable young people to carry of drug related crimes. Officers deal with matters such as identifying possible targets, obtaining search warrants and protecting vulnerable people. Where incidents of stabbings occur these are often linked to drug gangs.


Since the closure of Manver’s Street Police Station in Bath some resident’s perception has been that there is no longer any central location for the police in the City. This is not the case, there is a front office for reporting incidents at Lewis House and the Police Main Office is situated behind the Ford Garage off Midland Road in Bath. The Police will be making efforts to improve signage so that the public can locate the locations easier.


The Police have purchased a number of bicycles that enable the officers to move around the city quicker with more visibility. Having officers out in locations in the city where they can be seen and approached is an important element of policing for the Bath and surrounding area.


The Police numbers in Avon & Somerset have not been reduced over the last year. There are a number of vacancies that have needed to be filled as a officers have reached retirement age and a gap now needs to be filled. Recruitment is going well and applicants over the age of eighteen are able to apply, the aim is to encourage a diverse range of people to join the Police. The PCSO role is a different role to a Police Officer but there now is more of the opportunity to move on from the PSCO role for those who wish to do so.


The Police have a good awareness of where crime originates from and the intelligence to deal with suspects has to be followed up in line with what is set out in the law.


30 mins


St Johns Over 55 Events

Ricky Bush, Community Outreach Service Manager for St. Johns Foundation will discuss with the forum about the activities that are delivered through the what’s on for the over 55’s events programme.


Ricky Bush is the Community Outreach Manager for St. Johns Foundation; Ricky presented an overview of St. Johns and the activities for the over 55’s


·  St. Johns Foundation was established 844 years ago to support people in need.

·  St Johns provides Almhouses which are situated at Combe Park (near the RUH) and Bilbury Lane (near the Thermae Spa). This housing provides independent living to those in need. 

·  The foundation has a source of income that funds its activities.

·  St. Johns offers grants to individuals on low incomes who are B&NES residents for a variety of reasons; furniture, funeral costs, household bills, financial arrears, educational fees, clothing and counselling services.

·  Organisations can apply for grants for projects that range from small one off amount through to three year funding projects.

·  This year St. Johns will issue two million pounds worth of grant funding.


The Community Outreach Work aims to provide positive activities for the over 55’s, these should be fun, enjoyable and sociable. The activities can be session for physical wellness, mental health improvement or to combat loneliness.


Last year 12,000 attendances were recorded, 800 individuals were involved and 35 different activities took place across a number of local areas in B&NES. 


Categories for activities look like:-

·  Creative, e.g. painting and writing

·  Physical e.g. dancing, ballet and yoga

·  Wellbeing e.g. cooking courses

·  Social e.g. meeting for a coffee and a chat


Getting out message out using as many outlets as we can helps people know about what is available. A guide is produced twice a year and contains not only the activities that St. Johns arranges but it pulls together the activities that other organisations are hosting. The next guide is available from 1st march 2019 and will be 44 pages long, 3,500 copies will be printed and a PDF document is also available for sharing.


An activity that is covered in the guide is a scheme known as ‘slow shopping’; this scheme has already been adopted by Waitrose and Southgate in Bath. The aim is to deliver a designated time each week where the environment is changed to assist people, who find shopping a challenge.


Communities that wish to look at promoting or hosting activities can contact Ricky and provide details around the why, where, when and how many people want to participate.


Feedback from communities is important so that a full range of information is collected. Where facilities already exist such as a swimming pool there are opportunities to look at more bespoke activities. An example of this was a group of Syrian Women that required a female only swimming and yoga sessions were successful when asking an existing provider for this. 



60 mins


Village Agents - WERN pdf icon PDF 6 MB

Denise Perrin from The West of England Rural Network (WERN) will attend to present on the Rural Links project and the Village Agents Scheme.



Denise Perrin - Village Agent Project Manager (WERN) presented the forum with information on the Rural Links project and the Village Agent Scheme.


The Village Agents were originally set up in 2010 and followed work that had taken place in Gloucestershire. The scheme was set up to help residents that were not engaging with services, one to one meeting was seen as the most effective way to carry this work out. The original arrangement was a one year pilot project.


When the floods occurred in the Chew Valley it brought the work to the forefront as a compassionate reaction to the most vulnerable people in the villages was needed.


There are three village agents who each work ten hours a week; this time is manged flexibly so the needs of the people/villages are taken into account. 


Meetings taking place at clubs where key movers and shakers in the community can be reached. The Village Agent Role is a confidential service which needs a trusted person in the roles; there is no place for gossip conversations.


Most residents that receive help are self-referred and receive help from a Village Agent that will have been DBS checked. Once people are in agreement to accept help they start to move from a position of coping to a more bearable standard of living. 


Service providers have often concentrated their targeting to the towns as the cost of reaching the rural areas has been seen as more expensive to deliver. By finding ways to organise services for a group of people makes delivery far more achievable.


Virgincare are the present funders for Village Agents, it is estimated that over £3 million has been saved through the low key interventions that take place.