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5 mins


Welcome, Introductions and notes from the last meeting pdf icon PDF 94 KB

Forums members are asked to agree the draft minutes from the meeting which took place 14 March 2018.


Hugh Baker thanked everybody for their attendance and gave the apologies for absence.


The notes from the previous meeting were agreed as an accurate record.

5 mins


Chairs Annual Report

The Chair will be providing an overview of what areas the forum has covered in the last year.


Hugh Baker provided an overview from the Forums last year.


Since the last AGM of the Bathavon North Forum on 17 July 2017 the forum has met three times including the budget update meeting. It was decided to hold all forum meetings in Bath at a central location, it is hoped that this has been of help to all the attendees in travelling to the meetings.


Police and Fire & Rescue Updates have been received regularly when operational needs have allowed for this. We are keen to maintain close links with the emergency services as this provides information on the trends that are taking place in our local area.

Waste Services: We received presentations and consultation around the changes to our bin collections. The more rural areas required more complex arrangements than in the City, it is hoped that the changes are now embedded and the recycling rates continue to rise in the positive way that they have done since the changes went live.

Budget Challenge and Pressures’ – The forum hosted one of the Council budget consultation meetings where we heard about the difficult financial picture and the pressures that are being put on the council around Adult Social Care and Looked after Children.  We were grateful for the transparency and honesty of the discussions and recognise the need for Parishes we need to work more closely with B&NES.

Traffic Concerns: Kelvin Packer spoke on a number of Highways and Traffic Issues along with the challenges that rat runs bring to the local area.

Age UK Services: Janet Dabbs shared with us useful information around the range service that they can assist our residents accessing.

Fit for Life: Martin Pellow led a discussion around the health and wellbeing benefits of everyday activities that everybody can easily take part in locally.

I am happy to put myself forward again for one further year as Chair of this forum, after this a new Chair will need to be found.



10 mins


Election of Chair

Hugh Baker has agreed to put himself forward to stand for one additional year as the Chair of Bathavon North Forum.


If any other members of the forum wish to stand for the position of chair please contact Mark Hayward before the meeting.


If any additional nominations for the position of Chair are received then a vote will be held at this point of the meeting.


Dave Dixon explained that the position of Chair needed to be agreed for the next year, no nominations other than from Hugh Baker were received before or at the meeting. It was proposed to the Bathavon North Forum members to agree that Hugh Baker continues in the role of Chair for another year. All forum members were in agreement with this proposal and Hugh was re-elected.

Hugh explained that this will be his final year that a new Chair will be required from the next AGM.

15 mins


Police Update

The Police will provide an operational update on the crime statistics for the local area.


Adam O’Loughlin provided an update on the recent local crime statistics for Avon and Somerset Police.


The figures for the local area show that for this quarter there is a 10% reduction in reported crimes overall. Violent crime has reduced by 12% and robberies are down by 20%, all of our statistics are based upon the number of reports that we receive.


One category of crime that has seeing an increase is fraud where a 350% increase has been recorded, in real terms this means we have gone from three incidents to twelve incidents.


Antisocial behaviour has seen reports of incidents Drop across-the-board.

This quarter of the year is usually our busiest period but the reductions overall is a positive sign.


Question one: can you explain how you are doing with response time’s tin getting to incidents?

Response: we have a set time to respond to emergency calls and we reach that target. With other reports we can take longer to respond but we assess each call based on urgency and need. We do have more officers joining the service locally which should see improvements in the speed we can deal with reports from the public.


Question two: how are the figures looking for that Outer Bath Area?

Response: universally the figures are looking good there has been a keen focus on burglary reduction both residential and non-residential.


It was noted that Bathford has one of the most successful speed watch schemes in the local area; we would like to thank the volunteers for their support on this.




30 mins


Community Safety Plan pdf icon PDF 539 KB

Samantha Jones and Adam O’Loughlin will introduce the Joint Community Safety Plan document with emphasis on the ‘local’ Bath area. Forum members will be asked to feedback on if this documents it correct, anything has been missed and if anything new needs to be added (whilst acknowledging resource constraints).



Samantha Jones, Inclusivity Manager for B&NES Council, explained that the Community Safety Plan is undergoing its biggest review in three years. It is important that local input into the document has been gathered, by reviewing the priorities through looking back at the discussions that Area Forums have had with the police in each of our areas will ensure everybody has been represented.


Samantha explained some of the work streams that she is involved with along with the partners who work alongside her on the responsible authorities group.

·  Assistance to Syrian refugees

·  Modern slavery / domestic servitude, we I Have carried out checks in nail bars and car washes.

·  Child exploitation and poverty

·  Antisocial behaviour

·  Hate crime

·  People trafficking

·  Street drinking

·  Street homelessness

·  Public protection which includes scanners and rogue traders

·  Community resilience

·  Prevention against terrorism


The forum heard about Clicksense which is an IT System that the police are you using for real time crime reporting. This system allows analysis of hotspots and predicts trends; this is allowing the police to deploy resources in the areas that most need them.


Hate crime was further discussed and it was explained that the spike nationally that has been seen recently was far lower in our local area, it is important that when a percentage figure looks really high that the numbers below are also looked at.


Drug offences were discussed and instances of ‘cuckooing’ have taken place locally, this involves criminals taking advantage of vulnerable people and taking over they're living space to sell drugs. In the Bath area there are 14 people known to the police who have been involved in this type of crime.


Locally there is a Group of agencies meets every 2 to 4 weeks to form the disrupt panel, this panel looks at serious crime drug issues and crimes involving gangs.


The outer area of Bath it has highlighted concerns that relate to

·  Vehicle theft

·  Better community policing through increased police visibility

·  Misuse of mopeds and quads

·  Aggressive begging and substance misuse


A member of the forum ask the question about the increase in muggings on scooters that has been reported nationally and wanted to know if this is happening in the local Bath area.

Adam explained that this type of crime presently is predominantly taking place in at the London area but the police are aware and steps are being taken to prepare should instances start to occur locally.


Adam explained that the police are aware that their visibility needs to be greater to help deter crime. It is recognised that's at times the police are spread to thinly and the introduction of additional officers by October 2018 will help improve the situation.


Samantha explained that the council has recently received a government grants for a 310 K which will be used by our homelessness partners to deal with street drinking and street homelessness issues. The number of homeless people in the Bath area remains constant but the people within these numbers do change on  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.

30 mins


Taking a stand against scams

Ryan Taylor, NatWest Community Banker will hold a discussion on how you can become more aware of scams and provide advice on how you can protect yourself.


Ryan Taylor, NatWest Community Banker was welcomed to the forum to talk about scams and fraud.


Ryan's roll is to reach out to communities and help more vulnerable people who of victims or potential victims of scams, this work is supported by Bath and North East Somerset trading standards team. It is thought that 1500 instances occur in Bath and North East Somerset over the period of the year, but many of these I'm not reported to the police.


Whenever NatWest speak with somebody about a scam they will always log and report each instance to the police. A scam is when somebody has been tricked into something that they did not want to do, it is believed that 50% of people that are aged over 65 have been scanned in some way. Because many people have being scammed out of what they perceive to be lower amounts of money of around £20-£30 they have and attitudes where they say is not worth reporting this.


It is more likely that older people who are on their own or less mobile will be victims of scams. Scams take place not only online but through telephone calls and face-to-face home callers; it is common that young women are used on the telephone as their voices will seem to be more trustworthy. It is commonplace that scams over the telephone involve people impersonating banks and the police.


When customers don't keep their personal details secure it is very difficult for banks to offer any kind of refund or protection even when people have been tricked into giving out their secure information.

A website exists which is called action fraud which allows people two self-reports incidents where fraud could of occurred but didn’t.


Doorstep scammers normally speculate and approach people offering services or deals that they have not asked for. It has been known that scammers have waited outside victims homes and even taken then to the bank to get money from them straightaway. When you're not sure you need to make relevant checks on who you are dealing with, if you are approached unexpectedly then you need to think carefully before agreeing any payments, if you really needs a service of any kind then you should be the one who is approaching companies for quotes.


When receiving cold calls if you do not require what is being offered or are unsure then feel free to just put the phone down. There are methods that are used to keep your telephone line open even if you think you have hung up, if you need to call somebody back it is recommended that you either use another phone (maybe a mobile phone)  or unplug you’re  landline and wait a while before making the call back.


There are many different types of scams that people have tried and commonly they will use methods such as saying that you are under a time limit, make you feel pressured or even present threatening repercussions. Some examples are,  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.

15 mins


Volunteering Opportunities

Mark Hayward will provide an update on the Community Volunteering Opportunities which have taken place recently involving Parish Councils.


There are a future plans to work with partners to deliver the help required by using groups of volunteers to help deliver local projects.   


Forum heard from Mark Hayward about the Community Challenge Volunteering Opportunities which took place this Summer, B&NES Council have built up this programme with partners over a number of years. This year we have taken on challenges that have supported successful projects which were put forward by Parish Councils.


As we continue to work with our existing and new partners, we would welcome further project ideas to be put forward from Parish Councils.

Please contact Mark to discuss any ideas you may have 01225 396975 or