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Venue: Dome Room - Guildhall, Bath. View directions

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5 mins


Welcome and Apologies & Notes from the previous meeting pdf icon PDF 78 KB


The Bathavon North Chair Hugh Baker welcomed all attending and gave the apologies that have been received; Cllr Martin Veal; Cllr Geoff Ward; Batheaston Parish; David Trethewey and Dave Dixon.


The notes of the meeting of 22 November 2017 were agreed as an accurate record.

10 mins


Local Police Update

The Police will attend to provide an update on local crime statistics and take questions that relate to the forum area.


No representative from the Police was in attendance at this meeting.

10 mins


Avon Fire and Rescue Update


Safety visits have continued; a new initiative is the work that is now underway with foodbanks. We attend twice a week and carry out interventions where needed to help people on benefits with home visits.


Work with volunteer’s on water safety walks continues and helps build community resilience.


The spring national campaign for arson awareness week takes place next week. We will be carrying out visits to areas that have suffered high instances in the past.


Question: What needs to be done if a member of the public wish to report a boat that looks like it has been abandoned or is in a dangerous state of repair?

Follow the meeting this response was received from B&NES Council (WaterSpace & Public Realm), Local Development Framework Team:

A key question will be – who owns the land where these boats are abandoned? If on private land it is the landowner’s responsibility (many of the boats may be trespassing). The Canal & River Trust licence boats, although non powered small boats such as canoes etc. don’t apply. These rules only apply if the boat is on navigable waterways – if moored to private land a licence is not needed.

There is a map – Appendix 1 which shows which land is owned by B&NES and Canal & River Trust

If the abandoned boat is on either our land or CRT land– B&NES Property Services can be approached or the CRT General Complaints line. If the boat is on private land – the landowner should be contacted directly e.g. back of Bath Rail Station is owned by Network Rail.


30 mins


Traffic concerns

'Rat runs' that are being followed to avoid the A4/ A46 entrance into Bath


Kelvin Packer explained his role at the Council working in Highways and Traffic Issues. The attendance at this meeting is to discuss the issues around rat runs and to talk about policy work that is being worked on.


A number of reasons are seen to contribute t the rat runs issues:

• Drivers want to avoid the A4/London Road congestion

• Alternative high volume routes are not available

• The approach to Bath from the M4 and A46 is at greater speed and when drivers meet the slower routes it becomes frustrating

• The quality of road signage on B&NES and Highways England networks adds to the pressure


When looking at this issue there is a need to explain that the roads are a mixture of those that are minor and under the management of B&NES Council and the trunk routes that are under the control of Highways England.


There are a number of challenges that rat runs bring:

• Pressure on narrow roads

• Speeding traffic issues

• The wrong vehicles on the wrong roads

• Unhelpful signage

• Sat Navs that offer the wrong alternatives

• Concerns around buildings such as schools

• The increase in delivery drivers due to online shopping


Rat runs can distribute traffic which can be seen to be helping with  air quality on heavily congested routes.


There are measures that can be taken:

• Lower speed limits

• Weight / Width restrictions

• One way systems

• Creative parking layouts can help controls but b=need to be considerate to communities.

• HGV delivery through route schemes


Making changes require traffic orders and going through this statutory measure has high costs.


There are issues with the black signs that are presently used to indicate the through routes for the city. These are seen as confusing by residents and visitors


Construction site deliveries bring difficulties when the vehicles use inappropriate routes, this resulted in fatalities in the accident that occurred on Lansdown Lane. The Council would be keen to see site management plans in place.




Issues that occur around speeding issues are often in the control of Highway’s England who will have their own process for dealing with the priorities on safety. B&NES Council and elected representatives can make representations about the local concerns but ultimately it comes down to the balance that is made on traffic movement and keeping people safe. The Highways Agency does not appear to like imposing additional speed limits in out of town locations.


Transport policies, schemes and programmes start at a sub-regional level through a joint transportation plan, the priorities at a local level then need to align with the wider picture.  B&NES has a number of areas of work that it would like to see progress; Bath Cycle Scheme; The East of Bath link; improvements to park and ride provisions; metro bus; trams; station upgrades and the City Centre package of works which starts from the London Road.


Air Quality is an issue that  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.

15 mins


One Big Database BathNES, Rainbow Resource and Wellbeing Options pdf icon PDF 1 MB

A short presentation on the 1 Big Database BathNES, Rainbow Resource and Wellbeing Options


The People and Communities Communication team provide information for all ages and needs.The team are responsible for maintaining, reviewing, promoting and updating the information held on One Big Database BathNES, Rainbow Resource and Wellbeing Options


One Big Database Bathnes supports local families with information including registered childcare, parenting support, activities and clubs, news and calendar of local events, baby and toddler groups and much more.

The Family Information Online Facebook page complements the website.


Rainbow Resource provides information about organisations, activities and services for children and young people aged 0-25 years with special educational needs, disability and those requiring additional help. This includes inclusive activities, SEND information, news and events, parenting support and much more.

The Rainbow Resource card entitles holders to concessions at several local organisations.


Wellbeing Option provides a wealth of information for adults (or their family/carer) needing support to live a full, independent life.

Wellbeing Options provides information about local activities, clubs, ‘What’s On’ and care and support providers.


15 mins


Age UK Services


Age UK B&NES is local charities who are reliant on funding to provide twenty different services to older people.


The ‘Home from Hospital Service’ has been running for twenty years and now works with the health services and the local authority (Virgincare) at Paulton and the Royal United Hospital.

Work is carried out by a team of about twenty people to provide a service for helping people who are going from the ward of a hospital back to their home. There is a variety of support that helps individuals with medication, staying warm and standards around the home.

The service can be provided for a period of up to six weeks, this can be every day if needed. The support is a transition period that allows people to build in confidence and receive help and support alongside statutory services.


Home response is a service that prevents people from going into hospital. There are a number of ways that can help with this, lunch clubs, befriending, working with GPs and connections for people are all such examples.


Networks can tend to disappear as people become older. Age UK looks to help people that need advice, this could be help with the entitlements to benefits that people are unaware they can claim for. The visits that are made to people in their homes can pick up all sorts of issues.


Age UK are keen to receive feedback for on issue that are local to the forum area, this could be help finding volunteers, help with groups and working together with those in need.



20 mins


Fit for Life

A discussion with the B&NES fit for life team to allow the forum to feedback on local ways that the community are participating in fitness activities on a day-to-day basis.


Fit for Life is the approach from B&NES Council which is looking to understand the activities that residents are taking part in to become more active. The idea is that everyday activities will be seen as an opportunity to move more and sit down less.


Where good ideas already exist there is keenness to harvest these and replicate them in other places. These could be ideas such as walking football and the good gym where people fitness is being developed.


Many of the resources that already exist in small villages need to be recognised, this could be outside facilities such as public rights of way, parks and Bathscape. The interest around places to launch canoes and access to the water spaces in general need to be included.


Through the Area Forum the Active Leisure Team wishes to pull together local ideas and understand any barriers that prevent participation.


The refurbishment at the Sports Centre in Bath continues, the swimming pool will reopen around the end of May 2017. There are successes in the new gym, new spaces created for social activities and new the ten pin bowling area.

20 mins


Boundary Proposals Response

It has been requested that the forum discuss the impact of the proposals that have been put forward on the ward boundaries in B&NES.



Parish Councils have had the opportunity to respond to the electoral review of Bath & North East Somerset Council through the consultation process which closed on 19 February 2018. Fourteen parishes were among the representations that have been made; these can be found on the website -


The next step will be publication of the consultation on 8th May 2018.


Future Meeting Date

Wednesday, 25th July 2018 - Kaposvar Room - Guildhall, Bath


The next meeting takes place 25 July 2018, The Kaposvar Room, The Guildhall Bath.


Any agenda ideas / requests should be sent to Hugh Baker and Mark Hayward