Agenda and minutes

Venue: Kaposvar Room - Guildhall, Bath. View directions

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5 mins


Welcome and introductions


In Attendance:

Hugh Baker (Chair) – Bathford Parish Council

John Quinlan – Northstoke Parish Council

Stewart Chorley – Charlcombe Parish Council

Richard Clist – Swainswick Parish Council

Jonathan Miles – Swainswick Parish Council Chair

Mike Townley – Batheaston Parish Council Clerk

George Riley - Batheaston Parish Council Chair

Alison Millar - Ward Councillor

Geoff Ward - Ward Councillor

David Trethewey – Sponsor for the Bathavon Forum

David Dixon – B&NES Community Engagement Manager

Mark Hayward – B&NES Community Engagement Officer

Tim Rawlings – B&NES Council Waste Services

Gareth Lloyd – Avon Fire and Rescue


Not Present:

Bathampton Parish Council

St Catherine Parish Council

Claverton Parish Council



Martin Veal – Ward Councillor


  1. Welcomes and Introductions


Hugh Baker thanked everybody for their attendance and introductions were given.



Avon Fire and Rescue Update pdf icon PDF 58 KB


Gareth Lloyd, Station Manager for Bath Fire Station provided an update on operations in the Bath area as produced July 2017. (this report is included in the minutes).


The points that were highlighted by Gareth:

·  The overall number of recorded incidents attended (year on year) has increased from 1,058 to 1,197. This service has to work on clever solutions with the reduction in the overall  level of staff dropping by a third.

·  Following the incident at Glenfield Tower in London work has taken place with housing associations to access risks and reassures the public that the local situation is one that is safe.

·  Work taken place includes, tests on high rise building in Bristol and the one in Bath at Snowhill; tests on water risers; education with residents on the direct route for report any concerns or issues.

·  Where the advice in compartmented flats is to “stay put” this advice remains the same.


Questions and observations:

1.  There are locations that have items that are blocking passageways and exits in communal areas. Where do residents go to report risks when they have been identified?

Response – The Housing Associations should be challenging people that are not keeping areas clear of clutter or obstruction. If the is imminent danger the Fire Service can offer advice.


2.  There have been a number of bin fires, one has recently spread and destroyed a heritage bus shelter. What can be done to identify how this keeps happening?

Response – The crew that attends every incident will assess the situation and look to determine the origins of how the fire was started. Where CCTV is in place this sometimes helps determine what happened.


15 mins


Local Police matters


The Police were not able to send a representative to this meeting. Their approach to community policing has been reviewed and the area will be broken down in neighbourhood areas that have a sergeant responsible.  Inspector Sarah Treweek has committed to sending officers who have knowledge of the forum areas to future meetings.


15 mins


Update form Waste Services pdf icon PDF 65 KB


Tim Rawlings from B&NES Waste Services team attended the meeting to discuss the changes to waste collections. (the update is included in the minutes).

The points that were highlighted by Tim:

·  It is important that residents and Councillors make contact with the waste team as soon as possible if they have any concerns about the collection arrangements for specific properties. The cut-off date has been extended to 31st July 2017.

·  A large number of collection concerns have already been dealt with.

·  Some of the heritage areas in Bath City have been given more frequent collections.

·  There are several reasons behind the changes, these are to create a more efficient collection service using the renewed vehicles; reduce the mess created by having unsealed receptacles; increasing the level of recycling by maintaining weekly collections.

·  We want to make sure that we are working with the residents to get the changes being made right. It is important that people have a chance to see how the new system is working for them.

  Questions and observations:

1.  Where there is only a small amount of general rubbish generated each week could this be put out is a carrier bag?

Response – The new scheme will require residents to use the container that they are provided with, these will be the only ways rubbish will be collected. Residents with smaller amounts of rubbish could skip putting out their container if it is only partially full.

2.  What is the advantage in sorting the recycling at the point of collection?

Response – The industry believes that the system that we are using is the correct way to gain the best quality and price for recycled materials.

3.  What flexibility is being given to older people and people with disabilities?

This is a new way of working and all residents that have had assisted collections in the past have been contacted and asked if they will still need assistance with the new methods in place. If there is anybody that feels the changes warrant them needing assistance then they will need to let Waste Service know.

4.  Geoff Ward agreed he will contact Tim to arrange a visit to a number of addresses in the Bathavon North Ward.

5.  Anybody with a request for additional support for their area can contact Tim Rawlings on 01225 395205 or


15 mins


Election of Chair


Hugh Baker explained that following the discussion and vote of the Bathavon Forum future it was an overwhelming decision to split into two separate Forums.


Hugh was the Chair for the forum before the split, Hugh is happy to continue or if somebody else would like to take over then they can put themselves forward to do so.


Hugh Baker was proposed as the Chair for Bathavon North Forum by Batheaston Parish Council and was seconded by Ward Councillor for Bathavon North, Geoff Ward. No other nominations were put forward and there were no decent from anybody. High Baker will continue as Chair for one year, future votes for the Chair will place at the forum AGM.


15 mins


Future format of Forum meetings


It was felt that meeting three times a year (including the AGM) would be sufficient for the Forum. Should specific local issues need to be addressed the forum has the opportunity to add special additional events. The next meetings will take place in November 2016 and March 2017.


The location for meetings were agreed as The Guildhall, Bath which was felt to be a good option. There is always the choice of holding meetings in other locations if there is a reason to do so.


Hugh Baker felt that the purpose of the forum will be to have a focus on issues that affect several parishes, something in-between the old cluster and the liaison meetings.


Where there are local issues to tackle, the forum should look at what has been achieved in other forum areas and learn from the work that they may have already carried out. 


15 mins


Possible topics for future meetings


·  Virgincare

·  Planning Enforcement

·  Highways

·  Ward Councillor Boundaries – how the parishes can influence the review process.

·  Share information of the way that parishes can co-ordinate on issues such as the maintenance rounds scheduling, the use of local knowledge will help find solutions.

·  Colerne Airfield – the impact of the  proposed development of 2,500 new homes, bring in the Valley Parish Alliance and Wiltshire Council to contribute on cross border areas of discussion. 





Dave Dixon reminded Parishes that the letters for the Community Empowerment Fund have been sent out to Parish Clerks and Chairs.  This is funding that is available to be spent in this financial year.


Dave Dixon agreed to resend details to Geoff Ward.