Venue: Village Hall - Wellow. View directions

Note No. Item

5 mins


Welcome from Chair, Introductions and Apologies

5 mins


Minutes and matters arising from the previous meeting

20 mins


Police Update

An update will be provided by the police on the latest crime statistics for the forum area. (10minutes)


There will be an opportunity for questions and comments. Neighbourhood Watch and Community Speedwatch are two areas where further information has been requested. (10 minutes)

40 mins


Update on the Rural Transport Steering Group Meeting

David Orme attended a meeting of forum representatives on 4th January 2019, feedback on the discussion will be provided. (15 minutes)


Questions and Comments will be taken. (15 minutes)


The next steps will be discussed and we need to provide a steer on how to take this work forward. (10 mins)

20 mins


Feedback on Consultation Workshop

John Adler and Kathryn Manchee will provide feedback on the consultation workshop which they attended on 26th January 2019. (10 minutes)


Questions and comments will be taken. (10 minutes)

20 mins


Suggestions for future forum topics

The forum will next meet in June following the local elections. There will be a number of new representatives that will have taken part, new ward areas and a new administration. This offers the CAM Valley forum the opportunity to review its list of members and invitees for future meetings. The forum is asked to discuss how they would like to see the future involvement of our communities in shaping how we move forward. (10 minutes)



The agendas for the CAM Valley Forum are intended to deliver a mixture of:


·  Community Showcase items – what is happening around the parishes

·  Information on specific Council Services

·  Updates from other Public Services

·  Local Community information


The forum are invited to share their views on the way that they would like to develop future agendas (10 minutes)

Suggestions for future items presently include; village agents and rural links.