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Welcome from the Chair of the Forum

Councillor Paul Myers is chairing this meeting as Cllr Bob Goodman (Chair) and Rosie Phillips (vice-chair) are away on leave.



Councillor Paul Myers explained that before the meeting progressed that the Forum was in the unusual circumstance of having the Chair, Vice Chair and Sponsor all absent. As this situation had occurred 90 minutes before the meeting was due to start a temporary Chair arrangement was needed.


The constitution for these matters would normally ask that another member of the forum would step in, as this situation had happened at short notice Councillor Myers was prepared to Chair the meeting in his position as the Cabinet member for Cabinet Member for Economic and Community Regeneration, unless any other member wised to do so. The forum voted in favour of Councillor Myers chairing this meeting.


Dave Dixon explained that at the process to elect a new Chair for the forum will take place at the next meeting of the forum in September. There will be details sent to forum members before September which will allow for nominations to be submitted.

The position of Chair needs to be filled by a Councillor who is a member of the forum. The Councillor will need to be nominated and seconded by any member of the forum.

At the next forum meeting nominees will be asked to give a 2 minute statement of why they wish to take on the role, this will be followed by a secret ballot where all forum members are entitled to vote. 

30 mins


Meet the Provider (Virgincare) with an introduction from the CCG pdf icon PDF 896 KB

A presentation will be given by be given by - Fran Riches, Deputy Head of Transformation and Martha Cox, Engagement Lead for Virgincare. There will then be an opportunity to ask questions.


A presentation was given by Martha Cox and Fran Riches from Virgincare and Tamsin May from CCG B&NES. This presentation looked at the vision for the population of B&NES and introduced the B&NES Citizens’ panel concept. A copy of the presentation is included with these minutes and available online.



1.  Councillor Rob Appleyard – What impact on patients have the issues in your IT systems had on patients?  And what resilience do you have if one of your centres goes down?

Response – There has been an implementation programme where PC’s have been replaced and a new IT desktop package has been introduced. This has seen some impact on Virgincare staff but not had an effect on Patients. We have learnt from the incidents that have taken place and we always put patient care first, our systems are heavily tested and data integration testing is carried out.

2.  Councillor Dine Romero – Are the IT issues an unexpected complication? And was the new virtual solution what was proposed in your tender document?

Response – The issues were not expected and an investigation is taking place into why this happened. The solution we have implemented was in the tender.

3.  Councillor Dine Romero – Will the citizens panel give patients what they need or could they end up being a ‘knee-jerk’ reactive group?

Response – The panel will be comprehensive, we have seventy contractors/groups that have been asked to input, and existing relationships will be used along with a broader diverse set which represent people with disabilities and ethnic groups. This will be a wide panel that will be broken down to cover tailored areas.

4.  Councillor Joe Rayment – What assurance can you give on there being no further IT failures?

Response – An internal incident has been raised which is being strongly scrutinised by four executive directors as part of the governance structure that we maintain. There is a reporting schedule we will be following that links into our programme board.

5.  Councillor Joe Rayment – The Virgin contract is set to run over a seven year period, what reassurance can you provide that the quality of services won’t decline in the later years?

Response – We are clear that we will have a constant standard of delivery. The steps we are taking to save money through ways of working and better technology will provide this.

6.  Councillor Peter Turner – How will you be monitoring how GP surgeries are organising themselves?

Response – The GP’s are all separate businesses we will be looking to work alongside the practices to integrate but this can be challenging.

7.  Councillor Lin Patterson – What will be the maximum number of people that will be on the citizen’s panel? and how often will these meet?

Response – There is no set upper limit to members on the panel, there will be varying regularity for different topics that are covered by a number of groups. Some groups may never  ...  view the full minutes text for item 2.

10 mins


Local Police Matters

A member of the Police Neighbourhoods Team for Bath will be providing an update on Policing matters for the City. (Awaiting Confirmation that somebody will be available to attend)


A Police representative was not available for this meeting. A commitment has been made for neighbourhood police representatives to attend future forum meetings.

10 mins


Waste Services Update pdf icon PDF 65 KB

Waste Services will be providing an update and taking questions on the planned changes to Bath waste collection services. 


Tim Rawlings, Waste Campaigns Manager for Bath and North East Somerset Council provided an overview of the changes that are being made to Waste Service collection in Bath from November 2017; this handout is included with the meeting minutes.   


A number of questions and points were raised by the forum:


1.  Councillor Peter Turner – What is happening with the trial of 70 litre bags in Alfred Street and will this be tested in flats in the wider area?

Response – We have learnt from the trial and it appears to have been a success.


2.  Councillor Lin Patterson – Where residents have asked for smaller containers, there has been an unwillingness to deal with the concerns and this has created ill will. Have all the people that raised concerns had a response?

Response – The allocation of containers has been dealt with using fair methods. These are based on the criteria where the container is appropriate for the property (both the current occupant and any future occupants). If somebody has raised an issue they have had a response. We will of course consider any new issues which residents have which have not been considered previously.


3.  Councillor Dine Romero – We are being told that the changes to collections will see increased recycling levels, how will this be achieved as no new materials are going to be collected?

Response – The limitation of how much rubbish residents can put out (contained within their bag or bin), will result in some people having to consider alternative ways to present their waste, which in turn will encourage more recycling. There is no limit on how much recycling can be put out and it is collected every week.


4.  Councillor Andrew Furse – Some residents have stated that they do not wish to have a wheelie bin delivered and are being told they have no choice. A further review is needed as there are conservation areas where bins on the edge of properties are not going to work well and weekly sack collections would be a better fit. (More information was needed on this point)

Response – When bins are being delivered we will be monitoring that they are not being left on the edge of properties for too long. Residents can opt out of the new service if they do not want a bin but this means they will not be able to put any rubbish out for collection and would have to take their rubbish to one of our recycling centres. If residents wish to opt out they can speak with one of our team by calling 01225 39 40 41. If residents were to change their mind they are likely to be charged for the delivery of the bin. Properties within the heritage area of Bath will have a weekly collection from a 70 litre re-usable rubbish bag to prevent the build-up of rubbish between collections.


5.  Councillor Joe Rayment – A policy that aims to reduce the amount  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.

10 mins


Notes of the previous meeting and matters arising pdf icon PDF 123 KB


The notes of the previous meeting on 29 March 2017 were agreed as an accurate record by Councillor Rob Appleyard and seconded by Jeremy Boss.

40 mins


Dementia Action - Working in Bath pdf icon PDF 982 KB

Dementia Action – Sarah Williams and Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust Dementia Co-ordinator Maggie Depledge will present and show a short video, followed by the opportunity for discussion   


Video: Small changes help make a dementia friendly community - Alzheimer's Society -





Presentations were provided be Alan Young, Dementia Action Alliance and Maggie Depledge, Dementia Co-ordinator for the RUH. A copy of the presentation is included with these minutes and available online.



1.  Councillor Rob Appleyard – What additional support is needed to increase the awareness of issues and the profile of dementia?

Response – The RUH does not have designated dementia wards, as patients come through outpatient’s services; we identify the patients and carers who require extra support. Although our staff is our biggest asset we do still heavily rely on volunteers assistance.

2.  Councillor Dine Romero – Is Bath and North East Somerset Council seen to be a dementia friendly local authority? And what more can be done to help people with issues that can prove problematic, for example help with consultations.

Response – There is good support from the Council although we see this as work in progress. There have been good levels of support from Councillors and its leaders. Time is the challenge in society in general; we all have to become more disciplined in dealing with people.     

3.  Councillor Shaun Stephenson-McGall – There are forty-five organisations that are signed up to support your cause, what is the position with the Police, Fire and First Bus?

Response – Public services uptake has been positive and open when approached, we have made contacts with the Police, Fire and First Bus. Some organisations are more of a challenge to get on board; we are a developing organisation and are encouraged by the initial overtures.   

4.  Penny McKissock – Southside is a domestic abuse service that is linked into twenty-four GP surgeries and the RUH A&E. What can refuges do to help?

Response – The service can provide connections and we would be happy to work with you on this.

5.  Jeremy Boss – What steps do we need to take in making Bath a dementia friendly city?

Response – The city approach is a reasonable one although North east Somerset also needs to be included. The aim is for organisations to be enlightened and informed and the people within to be enlightened and informed individuals. Dementia Action Alliance wants to assist all sectors and if anyone requires help they simply need to ask.

6.  Councillor Fiona Darey – In my life every day I have experienced what care and services are available (as a carer). In Somerset I experienced care provision that lacked in information on dealing with situations. The hospital was also in crisis and advice in dealing with diminishing finance issues was lacking. The difference I have witnessed in care provided in B&NES has been brilliant, additionally the Police in both Somerset and B&NES have provided a brilliant experience.  

Response – Families have a great deal to learn and go on an emotional journey; this will include many practical issues that need to be sorted. Having an advanced care plan or a power of attorney in place can help carers. The RUH wards do  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.

20 mins


Forum Updates

·  The Neighbourhood element of CIL for Bath – Councillor Fiona Darey


·  The Economic Development Group – Jeremy Boss


·  Bath City Conference Steering Group – Councillor Colin Blackburn




Neighbourhood Portion of CIL – Councillor Fiona Darey


Since the forum workshop took place we have met with a number of other council departments to gain a better understanding of how once the neighbourhood CIL projects have been agreed, what lead times will be required to be able to implement delivery. This is important as we have to have the input for projects that are to be delivered by highways, parks or any form of infrastructure, on how these will fit the extra requests into their programmes. The next steps will be to agree a criteria document and form for expressions of interest. Once these documents are completed we will circulate these to the forum members and publish on the Councils website. This would mean that by the time the forum meets in September we could have the process in place.



Economic Development – Jeremy Boss


Work with Bath Bridge on how the City Identity work could be taken forward Conclusion and recommendations for the BCF:


  • That the work to develop the Brand is taken forward accepting the offer of Bath Bridge to co-create the work [A good offer to develop something tangible for the City]
  • We should aim to work together to create a united shared vision for the City supporting the likely recommendations of the Destination Management Plan [There is a clear need and opportunity that we can deliver on]
  • The BCF should be the client for the work and champion its development
  • A strategy group should be formed based on an augmented Economic Development Sub Group [The groups already exists and is willing to take this forward with some further help from other stakeholders]
  • Bath Bridge will develop working groups to engage with key groups from across the City, including younger people and underrepresented communities, with the support of BCF members [Working together we can reach a wide audience across the City]
  • The first deliverable will be the brand strategy by the end of 2017 [Working at pace to deliver outcomes]


Councillor Dine Romero asked that the working group bring together a united, shared vision with an assurance that, the weight for recommendations will include input from unrepresented communities.


Jeremy Boss put forward the Sub Group requests that the Bath City Forum endorse these conclusions and approves that work on the brand identity working with Bath Bridge should proceed. Councillor Peter Turner seconded this recommendation; all other votes were in favour of endorsing the work to move forward.



Bath City Conference Steering Group – Councillor Colin Blackburn


  •  “Building a stronger Bath” is the overarching theme for this years  
  • Housing, Economic Development and Strong Communities are three exhibition areas for participants.
  • We are still looking for suggestions for keynote speakers, at least two, the first at 1pm and the second at 4.30pm.
  • ‘Ask the panel’ will take place in the evening 5.30-7.00pm.
  • Bath Studio School are to produce a film that will show people from Bath giving their views on “what is important to them about the City”.  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.

5 mins


Any Other Business


1.  Transport sub-group. A lead for the group is required. Could any interested members contact Mark Hayward who will help re-introduce the meetings.


2.  Consultations


(i)  The forum is reminded that there is presently an open consultation that is asking people in Bath to have their say on restricting the consumption of alcohol in public places in Bath.

(ii)  The consultation on the location of a combined Library and One Stop Shop in Bath. There are copies available as well as this being online.  


3.  Avon Fire and Rescue were unable to attend this meeting but have provided their July 2017 operational update for the Bath area. Copies are available and will be included with the minutes of this meeting.








(i)  The forum is reminded that there is presently an open consultation that is asking people in Bath to have their say on restricting the consumption of alcohol in public places in Bath.

(ii)  The consultation on the location of a combined Library and One Stop Shop in Bath. There are copies available as well as this being online. 



Virginia Williamson asked that a more time realistic agenda for future meeting could be considered. The presentations need to be shorter and the time for discussion broader to allow for better engagement opportunities.


Mike asked if an update on what the future plans are for the South Quays Team development could be brought to the next meeting.