Agenda and minutes

Venue: Council Chamber - Guildhall

Contact: David Taylor  01225 - 394414

No. Item


Election of Chair


Councillor David Dixon was elected Chair of the Board


Emergency Evacuation Procedure

The Chair will ask the Administrator to draw attention to the emergency evacuation procedure as set out under Note 6


The Administrator to the Board drew attention to the emergency evacuation procedure


Apologies for Absence


There were no apologies for absence. At the request of the Chair, the Members and Officers introduced themselves for the benefit of the public attending the meeting.


Declarations of Interest under the Local Government Act 1972

To receive any declarations from Members/Officers of personal or prejudicial interests in respect of matters for consideration at this meeting.  Members who have an interest to declare are asked to:

a)  State the Item No in which they have the interest;

b)  The nature of the interest;

c)  Whether the interest is personal or personal and prejudicial.

Any Member who is unsure about the above should seek advice from the Monitoring Officer prior to the meeting in order to expedite matters at the meeting itself.


Councillor Nathan Hartley declared a personal and non-prejudicial interest in matters involving the Bath Sports and Leisure Centre as he is a member of Aquaterra Leisure


To Announce any Urgent Business Agreed by the Chair


There was none


Questions and Statements pdf icon PDF 30 KB

To consider any submissions received and decide what action to take, if any, on the matters raised therein. As the Questions and Answers will be circulated in written form, there is no requirement for them to be read out at the meeting. The Questions and Answers will be published with the draft Minutes.


Statements were made by the following people (copies are available in the Minute Book if provided):


·  Steve Osgood

·  Major Tony Crombie MBE

·  Keith McGarrigle

·  Pamela Galloway

·  Worthy Gilson

·  Tony Hooper


Members asked questions for clarification purposes of some of the speakers making statements. The Statements were noted. A copy of the Statement made by Pamela Galloway would be passed to appropriate Councillors and Officers for information.


Questions had been submitted in advance of the meeting from Ian Barclay. He was provided with a copy of the responses which were printed in the Public Speakers document made available at the meeting (see Appendix to these Minutes).


Minutes: Wednesday 13th April 2011 pdf icon PDF 38 KB

To approve the Minutes of the previous meeting held on Wednesday 13th April 2011 including the Exempt Minutes

Additional documents:


The Minutes of the previous meeting held on Wednesday 13th April 2011 were approved as a correct record and signed by the Chair


Update on General Management Issues pdf icon PDF 37 KB

To consider a report by the Strategic Director for Service Delivery updating the Trustees on general management issues at the Recreation Ground


The Board considered a report giving them an update on general management issues at the Recreation Ground.


The Chair requested that the Board’s website be updated regarding membership etc.


Councillor Tim Ball referred to the condition of the pitch having returned to normal following the rugby season. The Chair stated that the cricket pitch surface was in good condition.


RESOLVED to note the report and express their thanks to the Grounds Maintenance staff for their hard work in improving the playing surface of the Recreation Ground.


Lettings Update pdf icon PDF 45 KB

To consider a report by the Parks and Estates Manager on the Lettings made at the Recreation Ground since the last report to the Board at its April meeting

Additional documents:


The Board considered the report on lettings made at the Recreation Ground since the last report to the Board at its meeting in April this year.


Councillor Tim Ball felt that it would be useful to know charges for lettings.


RESOLVED to note the report and request Officers to submit a report to the next meeting on lettings charges.


Update on Consultation Exercise on Future Uses of the Recreation Ground pdf icon PDF 40 KB

To consider an update report by the Strategic Director for Service Delivery on the consultation on future uses of the Recreation Ground


The Board considered a report updating Members on the progress of the Consultation Exercise which closed on 10th June this year. Glen Chipp, Advisor to Bath Recreation Ground Trustees, presented a more detailed report on the results of the Consultation. Copies of this report were circulated to members of the public.


The Chair stated that the Consultation Report would be available on the website. Members discussed the report. Councillor Tim Ball stated that consultations were rarely popular. However, he was impressed with this consultation which he considered had been properly done and as accurate as it could be. He therefore moved paragraphs 5.1 – 5.4 (“Next Steps”) as recommended at the end of the Report. This was seconded by Councillor Nathan Hartley.


In response to Members’ comments regarding a submission document being presented to the Charity Commission, the Advisor to the Bath Recreation Ground Trustees informed the meeting that the public could lobby the Commission after August. He would notify the speakers and publish details on the website at the appropriate time.




(1)  the Trustees will publish the results of the Consultation Exercise to inform beneficiaries of the results;


(2)  given the overwhelming support for the proposals, the Trustees will draft a submission document to present to the Charity Commission for their consideration;


(3)  the submission will seek to (i) regularise the Sports and Leisure Centre by amending the Charity’s objects to include indoor activities; (ii) permit the grant of a new lease to Bath Rugby Club; and (iii) compensate for the lease by enabling the Charity to acquire Lambridge Rugby Ground for the use of beneficiaries; and


(4)  the Trustees will take the necessary advice from its legal and property advisors to review the agreements necessary to complete the scheme.



Date of next meeting


The Chair stated that the next meeting would be held on Thursday 29th September 2011 at 6.30pm in the Guildhall Council Chamber (if available).