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Welcome and introductions

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The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Emergency Evacuation Procedure

The Chair will draw attention to the emergency evacuation procedure as set out in the Notes

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The Democratic Services Manager drew attention to the evacuation procedure as set out in the Agenda.


Apologies for Absence

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Apologies were received from Councillor Kevin Guy.


Declarations of Interest

At this point in the meeting declarations of interest are received from Members in any of the agenda items under consideration at the meeting. Members are asked to indicate:

(a) The agenda item number in which they have an interest to declare.

(b) The nature of their interest.

(c) Whether their interest is a disclosable pecuniary interest or an other interest,  (as defined in Part 2, A and B of the Code of Conduct and Rules for Registration of Interests)

Any Member who needs to clarify any matters relating to the declaration of interests is recommended to seek advice from the Council’s Monitoring Officeror a member of his staff before the meeting to expedite dealing with the item during the meeting.

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The Monitoring Officer issued a general dispensation for all Councillors with regard to their payment of Council Tax.  She also issued a further dispensation with regard to any Councillors in receipt of specific services and invited them to make any such declarations.


Councillor Tim Ball declared a disclosable pecuniary interest in relation to the social care budget item, being in receipt of a related service.


Councillor Sarah Warren declared an interest in relation to the schools and the music service budget.


Councillor Richard Samuel declared an interest in relation to the budget, being the holder of a bus pass.


Councillor Liz Hardman, in attendance at the meeting, declared an interest in her capacity as a Governor at Aspire Academy.


To Announce any Urgent Business Agreed by the Chair

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There was none.


Questions from Public and Councillors

Questions submitted before the deadline will receive a reply from an appropriate Cabinet member or a promise to respond within 5 days of the meeting.  Councillors may ask one supplementary question for each question they submitted, up to a maximum of two per Councillor.

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There were 9 questions from Councillors and 1 question from a member of the public.

[Copies of the questions and responses, including supplementary questions and responses if any, have been placed on the Minute book as Appendix 1 and are available on the Council's website.]

Cabinet Q&A document pdf icon PDF 123 KB

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Statements, Deputations or Petitions from Public or Councillors

Councillors and members of the public may register their intention to make a statement if they notify the subject matter of their statement before the deadline.  Statements are limited to 3 minutes each.  The speaker may then be asked by Cabinet members to answer factual questions arising out of their statement.

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Councillors Karen Walker and Sarah Bevan made a joint statement [a copy of which is attached to the Minutes and on the Council's website] setting out their wish list for projects in Peasedown St John to be included within the forthcoming Council budget.  They raised various queries about specific projects. In response to these issues, Councillor Jo Wright invited Councillors Karen Walker and Sarah Bevan to meet her and Councillor Neil Butters to review their issues.  Councillor Richard Samuel noted the comments and queries from the Councillors.  He explained that the budgets were built at portfolio level and subject to prioritisation.  He responded that he would look into their queries and get back to them.


Ian Barrett, Chief Executive of Avon Wildlife Trust, made a statement [a copy of which is attached to the Minutes and on the Council's website] This statement was made at the Corporate Strategy item later in the meeting.

Karen Walker & Sarah Bevan - Statement to Cabinet 13 February 2020 pdf icon PDF 78 KB

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Ian Barrett statement to Cabinet pdf icon PDF 55 KB

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Minutes of Previous Cabinet Meeting pdf icon PDF 127 KB

To be confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chair

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On a motion from Councillor Rob Appleyard, seconded by Councillor Tim Ball, it was


RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 16th January 2020 were confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chair.


Consideration of Single Member Items Requisitioned to Cabinet

This is a standard agenda item, to cover any reports originally placed on the Weekly list for single Member decision making, which have subsequently been the subject of a Cabinet Member requisition to the full Cabinet, under the Council’s procedural rules.

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There were none.


Matters Referred by Policy Development and Scrutiny Bodies

This is a standing agenda item (Constitution rule 14, part 4D – Executive Procedure Rules) for matters referred by Policy Development and Scrutiny bodies.  The Chair of the relevant PDS Panel will have the right to attend and to introduce the Panel’s recommendations to Cabinet.

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Councillor Paul Myers, as Chair of the Corporate Policy Development & Scrutiny Panel, addressed the Cabinet about the Budget session that had taken place at the Panel on 3rd February 2020.  He reported that it was a good meeting.  The Panel had suggested that, in future, some comparative figures be provided to enable them to more easily spot trends and set the figures in context.  They were concerned about the £20k music service saving and how this would impact on families.  He also raised points about localised flooding and road damage, the empty homes review and electric car charging points.  He thanked officers for their input.


Single Member Cabinet Decisions Taken since Previous Cabinet Meeting pdf icon PDF 58 KB

A list of Cabinet Single Member decisions taken and published since the last Cabinet meeting to note (no debate).

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The Cabinet agreed to note the report.


Budget & Council Tax 2020/21 and Financial Outlook pdf icon PDF 394 KB

This report presents the revenue and capital budgets together with proposals for Council Tax and Adult Social Care Precept for 2020/21.

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Councillor Paul Myers speaking as a resident of B&NES said that he felt let down by the lack of ambition in this budget.  He understood the pressure the Council was facing but had expected this budget to take further the manifesto commitments.  He commented that the Council Tax rise will hit the most vulnerable.


Councillor Vic Pritchard raised a query about why the Cabinet were not seeking a higher increase to the social care element of the budget which would then leave residual funding for public health.


In response to Councillor Pritchard’s query, Councillor Richard Samuel responded that practice in the past had been to pass forward the public health grant directly to public health, but the announcement expected from Government on 24th February would inform whether this would take place.  He did not expect a reduction but needed to have the details first.


Councillor Liz Hardman welcomed some positive aspects of the budget but expressed concern about the efficiency savings in Adult services and wondered if they were achievable.


Councillor Richard Samuel, in presenting this budget to Council, thanked officers, Scrutiny Panel members and the public for their contributions, in spite of the general election meaning that it had not been possible to do the usual range of engagement events.  He described a change in direction and new investment areas in climate emergency, transport and housing.  He outlined some of the highlights of the budget and explained a move away from cuts to staff and services partly from a Council tax rise, still resulting in the third lowest Council tax in the South West region.  He acknowledged the current funding gap for 2021/22 and hoped to be able to close that gap by the Autumn.


Councillor Tim Ball commented that they had not inherited a good legacy with the Park & Ride issue and expressed surprise about the lack of ambition comments. He commended this forward-looking budget, fully delivering on housing and development over the 4-year term, and one which would benefit all residents.


Councillor Joanna Wright welcomed the real changes in combatting rat running and congestion and was delighted in the focus on walking, cycling and low traffic neighbourhoods.  She described the budget as one which was good for health, social justice and the environment.


Councillor Neil Butters supported this budget and thanked Councillor Samuel and Finance officers in bringing this budget forward.  Councillor Butters described a steady state being maintained through Highways resurfacing schemes and state of the art gritters.


Councillor David Wood welcomed the extra investment this brought in for the residents of North East Somerset which went towards addressing the imbalance some North East Somerset residents felt.


Councillor Sarah Warren expressed her delight at the funding for climate emergency measures and improved capacity for citizen engagement.  She hoped for positive news from Government the following week regarding Bath’s Clean Air Zone.


Councillor Rob Appleyard highlighted the focus on prevention within the budget and the Adult Social Care Charging framework which would simplify processes at a  ...  view the full minutes text for item 75.


B&NES Corporate Strategy 2020-2024 pdf icon PDF 152 KB

The Council’s Corporate Strategy will guide Council activity and budget planning over the next four years. This report invites Cabinet to recommend to Council that the Corporate Strategy and Corporate Delivery Programme as set out in Appendix One and Appendix Three be adopted.

Once adopted, the Corporate Strategy will become the overarching framework for Council activities until 2024 and will frame our financial strategy over the same period.

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Ian Barrett, Chief Executive of Avon Wildlife Trust, was invited to make his statement at this point.  (A full copy is available to view online and attached to the minutes).  He welcomed the inclusion of the nature emergency in core policies.  He described the loss of wildlife populations and ecosystems and called on the Council to declare an ecological emergency.  Councillor Sarah Warren explained that the Cabinet were working hard to improve habitats and address ecological issues and enquired if Avon Wildlife Trust would work with them on this.  Ian responded that the strength of the Bristol City Council approach was the partnership with other organisation such as key businesses and charities and welcomed this type of approach.


Councillor Dine Romero explained that they had taken their manifesto commitments and translated them into this strategy which she was pleased to present.  They would continue to engage communities in taking this forward.


Councillor Richard Samuel explained how this strategy provided the context for the budget, which translated aspirations into reality.  It is intentionally high level.


Councillor David Wood thanked Councillor Romero and officers for delivering this strategy which was clearly based on the foundation of the Liberal Democrat manifesto.


On a motion from Councillor Dine Romero, seconded by Councillor Richard Samuel, it was


RESOLVED (unanimously) that the Cabinet agreed to:


1.  Thank those who provided feedback on the draft Corporate Strategy and agree to continue to work with local communities to ensure their involvement during the strategy’s implementation and review;


2.  Note the responses and agree the recommendations and next steps following the feedback on the draft strategy, as set out in the Corporate Strategy Engagement Report in Appendix Two;


3.  Note and consider the responses from the Policy Development and Scrutiny Panels also set out in the Corporate Strategy Engagement Report in Appendix Two;


4.  Recommend that Council adopt the new Corporate Strategy 2020-2024


5.  Recommend that Council adopt the new Corporate Delivery Programme 2020-2021.


Revenue and Capital Budget Monitoring, Cash Limits and Virements - April 2019 to December 2019 pdf icon PDF 224 KB

This report presents the financial monitoring information for the Authority as a whole for the financial year 2019/20 to the end of December 2019.

Additional documents:


Councillor Richard Samuel introduced this item and explained that a good start had been made on his objective to have a closer fit between capital planning and expenditure so that budgets will balance at year end and there will be no need for draw down.


On a motion from Councillor Richard Samuel, seconded by Councillor


RESOLVED (unanimously) that the Cabinet agreed:


1.  To note the 2019/20 on budget position (as at the end of December 2019).


2.  To approve the revenue virements listed for approval in Appendix 3(i) and to note those virements listed for information only.


3.  To note the capital year-end forecast detailed in paragraph 3.14 of this report;


4.  To note the changes in the capital programme including capital schemes that have been agreed for full approval under delegation listed in Appendix 4(i);


5.  To remove from the Provisional Capital Programme schemes of £6.663m, detailed in Appendix 4(iii), to align to current delivery expectation.


Treasury Management 2019-20 Quarter 3 Performance Report (Mid Year Update) pdf icon PDF 321 KB

In February 2012 the Council adopted the 2011 edition of the CIPFA Treasury Management in the Public Services: Code of Practice, which requires the Council to approve a Treasury Management Strategy before the start of each financial year, review performance during the year, and approve an annual report after the end of each financial year.

This report gives details of performance against the Council’s Treasury Management Strategy and Annual Investment Plan for 2019/20 for the first nine months of 2019/20.

Additional documents:


Councillor Richard Samuel introduced this regular performance report.  He explained that a very good presentation had recently taken place to members of the Corporate Audit Committee.


On a motion from Councillor Richard Samuel, seconded by Councillor Dine Romero, it was


RESOLVED (unanimously) that the Cabinet agreed to:


1.  Note the Treasury Management Report to 31st December 2019, prepared in accordance with the CIPFA Treasury Code of Practice.


2.  Note the Treasury Management Indicators to 31st December 2019.


Treasury Management Strategy Statement and Treasury Investment Strategy 2020/21 pdf icon PDF 90 KB

Treasury risk management at the Authority is conducted within the framework of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy’s Treasury Management in the Public Services: Code of Practice 2017 Edition (the CIPFA Code) which requires the Authority to approve a treasury management strategy before the start of each financial year. This report fulfils the Authority’s legal obligation under the Local Government Act 2003 to have regard to the CIPFA Code.

Additional documents:


Councillor Richard Samuel introduced the Strategy statement which will be recommended to Council.  He drew Members’ attention to the Municipal Bonds agency which might make borrowing more complicated but may be a potential investment source in the future.


On a motion from Councillor Richard Samuel, seconded by Councillor Dine Romero, it was


RESOLVED (unanimously) that the Cabinet agreed to:


1.  Recommend the actions proposed within the Treasury Management Strategy Statement (Appendix 1) to February Council;


2.  Note the Treasury Management Indicators detailed in Appendix 1 and delegate authority for updating the indicators prior to approval at Full Council on 25th February 2020 to the Chief Finance Officer and Cabinet Member for Resources, in light of any changes to the recommended budget as set out in the Budget Report elsewhere on the agenda for this meeting; and


3.  Note that any comments made by the Corporate Audit Committee at their meeting on the 6th February 2020 will be reported to Full Council on the 25th February 2020.


Heritage Services revised Business Plan 2020-2025 pdf icon PDF 100 KB

This report introduces the Heritage Services business plan update (‘the Plan’) for the five-year period 2020/21 to 2024/25. It sets out the business unit’s strategy for delivering savings targets and increasing its financial return to the Council on an ongoing and sustainable basis. The Plan includes strategies for addressing the Climate Emergency as well as for pricing, marketing and investment in conservation, staff development and the quality of the visitor experience to achieve the ambitious targets set out in it, and an analysis of the risk involved.

Additional documents:


Councillor Paul Crossley introduced this report by celebrating the Council’s success in the recent South West Awards with 4 nominations resulting in 4 gold wins.  He commended the excellent leadership and staff and praised the principles and aspiration of the service.  He drew particular attention to the Inclusivity award.


On a motion from Councillor Paul Crossley, seconded by Councillor Tim Ball, it was


RESOLVED (unanimously) that the Cabinet agreed to:


1.  Approve the Heritage Services Business Plan 2020-2025;


2.  Confirm that it wishes Heritage Services to continue to work to the business principles agreed by the Council Executive in 2004, as amended;


3.  Confirm that it wishes to relocate the Fashion Museum with a supporting Collections Centre subject to a satisfactory business case being prepared.