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Planning, Transportation, & Sustainability Overview & Scrutiny Panel
Monday, 26th July, 2004

From: Frank Cashmore []

Sent: 21 July 2004 17:53

To: Jack Latkovic

Cc: Roger Daniels


Pursuant to my conversation with David Langman a few minutes ago, I include below a brief statement on the Executive Decision of 30th June on the results of Bristol/ Bath - South Coast Study. Unfortunately, I am unable to be at the meeting on Monday, but am happy to assist in this way.

"The final report documents written by the consultants WSP, who carried out the Study, contain the reasoning behind the recommendation for further work to be conducted. All the main recommndations affecting Bath were subject to further investigations being conducted. In respect of the A36/A46 Link Road, the consultants concluded (Para 7.1 in City of Bath Report) that "Bath & NE Somerset Council should progress a full appraisal, including environmental assessment, of the A36/A46 Link Road, which, of the options tested, has been shown to be the only one capable of satisfactorily removing the majority of north-south through traffic from Bath."

It is my view that the traffic assessment conducted by WSP on the Link Road was quite comprehensive for a strategic study of this nature, but I would still expect some more traffic modelling to be necessary to assess, for example whether junctions along the route could operate satisfactorily. I would expect the environmental assessment of the Link Road to be a very extensive operation, thoroughly exposing the effects of a new road on this part of the Avon valley which, of course, already has the A46/A4 Batheaston / Swainswick by-pass running through it. Given the few options that the consultants considered were available to the Council to achieve its objectives, my view is that it would be right and proper to conduct further studies to enable the Council to balance all the benefits of the schemes against all the disbenefits, before making final decisions."

My background is as a transport planner in this area since 1983, first for Avon County Council and now as the transport co-ordinator in the Joint Strategic Plannning and Transport Unit. Between 1989 and 1998, I was heavily involved in the submission of bids for Government funding for transport schemes in the area, including for the Avon Ring Road and for park and ride schemes in Bath. I was a member of the Steering Group for the Bristol/Bath - South Coast Study. I am currently working in the team preparing the second Local Transport Plan for the four Councils in the area.

I hope this assists. Do come back to me if you need anything else.


Frank Cashmore

Transport Co-ordinator

Joint Strategic Planning & Transportation Unit

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